10 of the Most Prestigious Islamic Universities in the World

There is absolutely no doubt about the importance Islam attaches to knowledge and education. Every Muslim is ordained to struggle in the way of seeking knowledge and it is considered akin to worship.

In fact, the whole essence of Islam is to educate mankind, to give them the knowledge to better understand the workings of the universe and lead better lives, the way they are meant to.

If you are one for seeking the light, you’re in luck because there are some amazing Islamic universities around the world and today we’ll be highlighting 10 of them!

#1. King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia


King Abdulaziz University started in 1388 H / 1968 G after it’s establishment in 1387 H / 1967 G, it was named after the founder of Saudi Arabia. The university started as a College of Economics and Management initially then a college of Arts and Human Science was added after it’s initiation.

They have two separate campuses, one for males and another for females. Aside from the regular student courses, international programs and activities are also offered for students to acquire higher education.

 #2. Alexandria University, Egypt


Alexandria University is an urban university that stands among the top Muslim universities in the world. It started off as a branch of Fuad University before changing it’s name to Cairo University.

They become an independent entity in 1942. Shortly after it’s establishment in 1938 It changed its name to University of Alexandria. The founding curator of Alexandria University was Taha Hussein.

 #3. United Arab Emirates University, UAE

UAE university

United Arab Emirates University is an accredited institute located in Al Ain that was established in 1975, it is one of the first and oldest universities in the U. A. E. In 2012/2013 they were ranked as the 370th best university in the world and was ranked number 48 among the top 50 world universities in 2011/2012.

UAEU’s business school was also named the third best business school in Africa and the Middle East in 2010. UAEU is ranked number one in the Gulf Cooperate Council (GCC) countries, number two in Arab World and ninth in the Muslim world for academic research.

They were recognized by Times magazine as the 86th best university in Asia. UAEU can boast of having one of the most diverse undergraduate and post graduate courses offered at their colleges.

#4. American University in Cairo, Egypt


Next in our list is the American University in Cairo, Egypt. It was founded in 1919 with the intention of creating to an American style of teaching set on high-standard of discipline and scholarship.

It is ranked as the number 1 University in Egypt. Over the years they have proven to be outstanding and showed high standards of conduct and scholarship. Only males students were enrolled at the university when it started, but in 1928 they registered their first female student, which was the year they had the first class graduate with two Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science awarded.

As of now, they have 13 cross-discipline research centers, in addition to that, the university has 25 departments and institutes offering bachelor’s, master’s and graduate diploma courses.

#5. Cairo University, Egypt


Cairo university was founded in 1908 on the 21st of December, they are a public institute located in Giza, Egypt. They started as a state institution under King I Fuad university in 1925, and is the second oldest university in Egypt before then renamed to Free Officer’s Coup.

Most of their students enrolled were distinctively selected from Islamic schools. They have 22 faculties with approximately 155,00 students enrolled there. They are acknowledged as one of the 50 largest institutions of higher education in the world by registration.

#6. King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia

 King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals,

King Fahd University is one of the top prestigious Muslim institutions in the world. With just a 10% acceptance rate, it was renamed after King Fahd in 1986 after it was constituted by royal decree in 1963.

KFUPM offer extensive training in various areas for their enrolled students and helps promote leadership and service in petroleum and mineral field.

#7. University of Jordan, Amman

. University of Jordan, Amman

Established in 1962, it has over 3500 different courses for students to choose from when enrolled. They offer 63 undergraduate program and 130 international courses at graduate level. They have a student body of about 37,000 in diversified fields undergoing training by 14000 faculty members.

#8. Al Najah National University, Palestine

Al Najah National University, Palestine

After it’s establishment as a primary school in 1918, Al Najah has undergone rapid transformation through the years leading to it’s development into a university in 1977. They are dedicated in maintaining and carrying out the history, values and cherished heritage of Palestine.

Their institution has 13 faculties with various undergraduates and graduates courses being offered.

#9. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia


King Abdullah University is a mixed-gender populated institution, allowing the men and women to freely interact with one another. It was opened in 2009 on the Red Sea at Thuwa.

They offer top-notch research facilities. Extra-curricular activities such as, multiple gym centers, coffee shops, libraries etc. are available for students to keep themselves occupied when less busy.

 #10. King Saud University, Saudi Arabia


King Saud University is recognized as the first higher educational institution in Saudi Arabia. King Fahd had a driving passion for bringing modern education to Saudi Arabia and with that propelling him, he initiated the university in Riyadh in 1957.

They started with a College of Arts and shortly expanded with the estblishment of a Science & Business College.

While these are some of the top universities in the Islamic world, they are definitely not the only ones. There are several other esteemed institutes that are lighting the way for future generations.

We hope you found this post informative. Meanwhile, if you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to drop them below.

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