11 annoying questions Muslims get asked with funny replies

So I’m guessing at one time or the other you have had to deal with some crazy questions from your non-Muslim co-workers or strangers. Sometimes you just get tired of answering all the questions all the time because some of them are not logical. If you want them to stop, try replying with these silly lines.
1. Q: Since you are a Muslim, you must obviously be good in Arabic yes?

Ans:  And you must be great in Hebrew. Oh my point is stupid? Who started it.

2. Q: Are you forced to wear “that thing” on your head?

Ans: That thing is called a hijab. And no its my choice to wear it. Are you forced to walk naked like an animal?

3. Q: Do you slaughter animals frequently?

Ans: Sure, I have a bunch of carcasses lying around my house. Can’t get enough of it.

4. Q: Why don’t you plait your beard?

Ans: Errrr…because it’s a beard. Is that confusing?

5. Q: What is your hair like under there?

Ans: It’s like a bunch of snakes wrapped around my head. Actual snakes…..Seriously.

6. Q: Do you shower with your hijab on?

Ans: Yes, and my clothes and shoes and socks on as well.

7.  Q: Why do terrorists hate us?

Ans: Why don’t you write down all your questions and I will send it to them. In fact, I will call them right now so that you can speak with them yourself. Dumb head.

8.  Q: Do you own a camel?

Ans: ……. Yes, all 5000 of them. But they died this morning from Zika virus.

9.  Q: If you are a Muslim, why are you not an Arab?

Ans: Oh I am an Arab. Look at me well. I don’t look like one? Really? Are you sure? For real? Seriously?……….. I see.

10.  Q: [During Ramadan] Are you hungry?

Ans: I was fine before you asked. Thanks!

11. Q: Does your husband allow you to —

Ans: Oh for crying out loud is there no end to your ignorance!

Okay I was just kidding. I hope you feel less irritated about those questions. Seriously, you don’t have to reply like this. You can answer some of the questions (some people genuinely want to know) …. And besides, it’s not Islamic to lie or be rude (how ironical I just wrote this article). Let me know your experiences. Leave a comment below.

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