11 Best Places In The World To Launch Your Startup

Being an entrepreneur requires so much more than having the idea. You will need the capital and framework to implement it; let’s not even start mentioning the location.

The same way that a customer base is necessary for the growth of a company is the same way that the location is vital. Where you decide to start your company matters as it is an eventual determinant of whether you will receive as much welcome and boost as you need.



Whilst you’re considering where to launch your desired business, have these 12 places in mind.

#1.  London, UK

This country made the top of our list as it is considered one of the best places to launch a business in Europe. There is also a likelihood that more US startups will open shop here. Entrepreneurs based in London tend to rely on colleagues in the same field and consult mentors about their startup.

If you are looking for support and an interesting customer base, London might just be the place for you.

#2. Silicon Valley, California

One of the most famous and competitive startup ecosystems, Silicon Valley houses the most successful startups such as Facebook, Twitter, and Apple. Despite the struggle to live up to competition, Silicon Valley is known for their support network and funding, making it conducive for startups to thrive.

#3. Waterloo, Canada

#4. Singapore

If you intend on going global with your startup, then Singapore is just right for you. With nearby economies such as China and India, entrepreneurs starting up their business in Singapore can benefit from not only labor and capital but imports and exports. It will be rather easy to expand to any of those countries.

Funding isn’t so much of an issue as it is in Waterloo and it has strong ties with Silicon Valley too. Entrepreneurs in Singapore are known to deliver in terms of work, 11 hours a day on average.

#5. Paris, France

Without being gender biased, most successful startups in France have female entrepreneurs running them.
Unfortunately, it has funding issues and is not such a popular place for foreign entrepreneurs.
However, of recent, Paris has opened up its arms to welcome foreign investment.

#6.Tel Aviv, Israel

Boasting a high density of technological startups in the world, Tel Aviv is one of the most successful startup ecosystems for new time entrepreneurs.

It uses advertising which forms a strong marketing strategy for businesses. It offers small, new startups a chance to make it in the tech market, eliminating any fears of over competition by big, established businesses.

So if you have got a tech dream in mind, this may be just one place to kick off.

#7. Santiago, Chile

Chile has created an inviting aura for startups to exist with government initiatives such as Startup Chile.

Through this initiative, about 450 startups have found their way to Chile. It is a training ground for women as it boasts numerous female entrepreneurs and with its workforce also making 20% of women.

However, Chile desires more startups and investors. Your business could be one of such.

#8. Berlin, Germany

A mini version of the thriving New York City, Berlin is considered as one of Europe’s entrepreneurial marketplaces. It breeds a rather different set of entrepreneurs compared to those in places like Silicon Valley. It has smaller target markets but is known for entrepreneur work ethic and motivation.

With its growing market, startups are more than likely to succeed in Berlin.

#9. Sao Paulo, Brazil

Despite the European crisis which affected most economies, Brazil’s company is steadily booming. Its entrepreneurs have a thing for smaller markets and new brands. Like Waterloo, it also focuses on mobile phones.

However, its startup culture is constantly expanding towards other sectors.

#10. Bangalore, India

The god of startup success, Bangalore is a region that is renowned for its talent and for its educated workforce. It is already with successful technological companies and also is in need of more funding for startup businesses.
If you think you can brave the competition and are looking for more culture, Bangalore may be what you’re looking for.

#11. Moscow, Russia

Moscow, according to Startup Genome’s list has the youngest entrepreneurs on the ‘list of top startup ecosystems’. Entrepreneurs in this region are more than six years younger than those in the Valley.
Moscow has a growing startup, which is slowly moving towards technology, especially focusing on mobile expansion.

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