12 Reasons and Benefits of Growing a Beard (Hint: It makes you Awesome)

Okay, do we have to even discuss this? I mean c’mon – what’s cooler than having a beard! Einstein had a beard, Shakespeare had a beard, and above all the most amazing man to ever live had a beard…God intended men to have hair on their face…is why we have hair on our face (makes sense, no?).

But if that is still not enough reason for you to start growing that facial hair, let me encourage you a little bit more.

#1. Beard is the new black

Yes beards look good. Research has shown that women find bearded men more attractive than clean shaven men. I think it’s the manly look a beard gives… that ‘slightly rugged man thing’? Women dig that.

Beard Benefits

#2. Beard shows authority

Honestly think about it – a man in suit with a clean shave, and the another in a suit with a nice beard – who looks more authoritative? This also probably why religious scholars keep the beard. Ok maybe it’s not the reason but it works for sure.

Benefits of growing beard

#3. Beard shows intelligence

Bearded men tend to stroke their beard when in deep thought and this makes them look really smart and intelligent (emphasis on ‘makes them look’). Why do you think Steve jobs had a beard?

steve jobs beard

#4. Beard shows patience

Growing a beard is not easy. You have to bear through the initial itching and what not. It takes patience to grow a beard, so if you are able to grow one, you must be one hell of a patient man. Now you know how Clooney patiently waited decades for the right girl.

Clooney Beard

#5. Beard shows responsibility

A beard makes you look like a responsible man. If you have a beard, you have to groom it, and if you groom it, you look responsible. The sort of man who will make a good husband and a really good father. It also shows that you can handle business.

Responsible Guy

#6. Beard keeps you warm

Science has shown that beards keep men warm. ‘Nuff said.

Beard keeps cool

#7. Beard shows maturity

Absolutely. They make you look older and more mature. That’s the beauty. The journey from a baby face to a grown man that people should respect is that of a beard. Ask Ryan Gosling.

Ryan Gosling Beard

#8. Beard hides your chin and blemishes

Double chin? Triple chin? (Okay that’s a bit much). A beard can nicely hide any flaws in your chin or your skin. No makeup required.

beard hides chin and blemishes

#9. Beard keeps you healthier

This is a fact. Research has shown that men with beards tend to suffer from flu less compared to men who don’t. Also, a beard can help keep dust from your face in case you have allergies. Just remember to properly wash your beard every day and you should be good.

beard healthy

#10. Beard makes other men respect you

Try it. When you grow a beard other guys, especially those who don’t have beards, will give you more respect (or just be scared of you). In ancient Egypt, it was not permissible for a man to touch another man’s beard.

Beard makes other men respect you

#11. Beard shows strength

Perhaps you are not all that strong. But having a big beard makes you look a bit bigger and definitely more macho.

Beard Strongman

#12. Beard is sunnah

The most amazing person to walk this planet had a beard. Yes, the Holy Prophet (PBUH). So if he had it, there should be no doubt that it’s good for us.

We hope these are enough reasons to prove that it’s totally awesome to grow a beard. Now you just have to do two things to be awesome – grow a beard and share this article. Both are free.

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  1. My husband has recently started growing his beard out, so I’m glad I came across this article. I had no idea that having a beard can be representative of having patience, but I can definitely see how that is related. Thank you for the tips on why growing a beard can be a great thing! I’ll be sure to share it with him.

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