27 Bizarre Things People Do in Their Spare Time, #12 is Plain Stupid

Some people take things they see to a whole new level. When it works, they may look cool but in the quest of looking cool, when it doesn’t work – it may just hurt.

We all do dumb things. If the impact is minimal, count yourself lucky. But sometimes, the result of your stupidity can be devastating. It can affect your life, your loved ones and your career.

So why do we do it? Well, there’s a long list of reasons why otherwise smart people do dumb things.

Some people succumb to groupthink or peer pressure others do it just for the spotlight.  You be the judge. Whether you are bored or want to learn to do new things, please make sure anything on this list is not one of them.

1. This guy never went to science class or doesn’t know Newton’s third law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

2. What was this guy thinking? others cars are stopped, there is smoke, might even be a sign to stop and there are construction workers trying to run after you to stop. If you still don’t stop, you have some serious issues. He did not respond to our calls for an interview, I wonder why?

3. This guy was trying to create a video on “How to get your dog to attack”. He did a good job.

4. After his kids didn’t take him to the funfair, he decided to create his own ride.

5. He thought skateboards don’t hit back but i guess he was wrong.

6. Free water slide. If there is fast running muddy water in the middle of the street and you see no one else stepping into it,  don’t try to be the first.

7. The amount of pain tolerance is very high, when you are in front of the camera, even when animals bite.

8. The surf board was on top of the plane but this guy wanted to set a record for surfing on wheels.

9. The guy in the back: backed his way to the spotlight.

10. This guy has better skills four wheeling than two?

11. No worries, I’m fine but for some reason my girlfriend watching “dumped me”.

12. There are better ways to itch an itch.

13. Downhill race between a man and the bike, who won?

14. This guy was such a sore loser, he didn’t even ask for rematch.

15. What can’t kill you, can only hurt you. Hope she is ok.

16. When your phone in the bag is more important than your life. He almost went for it.

17. When his friends didn’t believe he passed his Parkour class, he tried to prove it to them.

18. Be-careful of who you pick as a friend, they may take you down with them.

19. Who has the last laugh?

20. This guy is the Parkour teacher of the guy in number 17.

21. Attack of the possessed bottle

22. Shortcut to my house, almost made it.

23. This was take one, you should see his take two.

24. It wasn’t my fault my skateboard doesn’t like me drinking.

25. Best way to see the stars during the day.

26. Captain America, before he became famous.

27. When a bike moves faster than the motorbike?

There are lot more examples like these, I have no clue what these people were thinking but it sure is funny after the fact. Some of the things on thiq”/12jLm9t(aj BlR%;iI|bu2 Fo rides a bike backwards in the middle of the road? If you have more ex!m`e{ nyke these, please share them with us via the comments below.

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