30 Of The Most Popular Male Muslim Names And Their Meanings

You probably knew that Muhammad is a Muslim name and one of the most popular for that matter, makes you wonder if it is because Muslims love Prophet Mohammed so much or do they just lack imagination when it comes to naming young boys. No, it has to be the former. However, considering that only 20% of the world’s Muslim population is of Middle Eastern heritage, most Muslims do not know that Muslim names have meanings in Arabic. Here is a list of 10 of the most popular Muslim names and their meanings.

  1. Abdul-Aziz means servant of the powerful one.
  2. Abbas means Gloomy look (Who knew!)
  3. Abdul Kareem means servant of the noble and generous
  4. Asad means Lion
  5. Omar means long-lived
  6. Daniel means intelligent
  7. Faisal means strong or Handsome
  8. Fahim means understanding or clever or wise
  9. Fahad means wildcat
  10. Farid means unique
  11. Hakim means brother
  12. Habib means beloved
  13. Hasan/Hussein Handsome, good
  14. Hamza/lion
  15. Iqbal responsive
  16. Jalil means great or revered
  17. Jibril archangel of Allah
  18. Jamal Beauty
  19. Kareem noble, generous
  20. Khalid eternal/victorious
  21. Kasim means lovely
  22. Latif means fine, refined
  23. Nazeem means intelligence power
  24. Nazir means the ones who warns
  25. Naseer ones who helps
  26. Rafiq means kind or friend
  27. Rashad integrity of conduct
  28. Rasheed intelligent/rightly guided
  29. Shabaz Beautiful, handsome, intelligent
  30. Yasir means wealthy.

We hope you enjoyed this piece, what are your favorite names for Muslim males? please let us know below and otherwise any comments and/or questions you may have.

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