5 halal and simple ways to enjoy your holidays with family

Islam is not a boring religion and does not discourage having fun. Islam only provides guidelines to ensure moderation, safety and the best results in whatever a Muslim does. Every now and then, we all need a break from the stress of work and the ups and downs. When such golden opportunities present themselves, we should make the best of them. Here are a few ideas on how you and your family can profit from vacations within the limits of Islam. I promise you they are not boring!


Traveling is totally halal so why not? Travel to your favorite city, village or country if you can afford it. As long as you stick to the Sunnah, you should be fine. Explore new places with your family, or go to your hometown so that the children can visit their grandparents and other family members. Not only is that a fun idea, it is also a Sunnah because you are strengthening family ties! Double win for you.


Sports are a great way to get everyone up and active. They keep the family fit and healthy, while building the concept of teamwork. Make sure you play the sport everyone enjoys; it could be soccer, tennis, basketball, swimming, bicycle riding or running. Again, just avoid anything that goes against the islamic teachings such as gambling and you should be fine. You can divide yourselves into teams and play against each other to make everyone puts in effort, whatever works.

3.Start a productive and challenging project

There is no better time to challenge yourself to a rewarding task than during holidays. Engage yourself and your family with projects such as gardening or fundraising. Everyone should be actively involved and you should have a set of goals you wish to achieve at the end of a said period.

4.Story-telling nights

During work days, you may hardly have time to sit with the children and chat for hours every day. Therefore, you should spend as much time with your family as possible, not just outdoors. Spend the nights (if you are not all too exhausted from the day’s activities) chatting. As parents, you can tell stories about your childhood that may be funny. You can also tell stories of the Prophets, and at the end of each story, discuss the morals. That way, the children learn a lot while having fun.

5.Fun games

Apart from story-telling, you can engage the children in quizzes, debates, drama or poetry. All these are halal. The quiz can entail islamic questions, history and general knowledge. Everyone can play. Also, you can organize debates among the family to boost the children’s thinking capacity as well as their self-confidence. What a way to learn and have fun!

Have you ever tried any of these? Let me know your thoughts!

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