5 Muslim Artists That Were Finally Recognized in 2016

2016 was definitely a memorable year. It was a year of terror attacks, political turbulences and a list of other things which either led to Muslims being stereotyped or generalized. Don’t get me wrong, there were proud moments too. Below is a list of 5 Muslim artists that were finally recognized.

1. Hassani


Shamsia is a professor of Fine Arts at Kabul University in Afghanistan. She is part of the Muslim artists that are trying to breakdown stereotyping. She uses city walls as canvas and spray paint just gets the work done. “People think that women in burqas are (powerless) and uneducated, without ideas of their own. They think it is a limitation.” These words serve as motivation and when she paints, she paints images of women wearing the burqa in public spaces of Kabul.

2. Abo Alfoz


Akram is a Syrian Artist. His former job was a glass painter before the civil war broke out, now he paints on the deadly bomb debris, bullet capsules that caused the death and injuries of his relatives. He uses his work to deliver a message that the people of his nation, Syria, are people of peace, unlike what the regime has claimed.



Yuna is a Malaysian singer and 2016 was definitely her year. She took the chance to grow her career in the USA by doing a collaboration Usher and she now resides in Los Angeles

4.Anniesa Hasibuan


Remember the Islamic headscarfs that shimmered in the spotlight of the New York fashion week?  Anniesa Hasibuan (Indonesian fashion designer), AKA the first designer to boast off her modest clothing collection in NYFW 2016.

5.Abu Malik al-Shami


Abu Malik al-Shami is known as The Syrian Banksy. This is due to his insightful street art that has been likened to the legend that his moniker derives from.He is the 22 year old that has left a trail of incisive works that have added a little colour to Syria’s war ruins.

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