5 Reasons Why You Should Wear the Hijab (or Try it At Least)

The word hijab means to obstruct, or to put a barrier. In other words, wearing hijab means for a woman to cover up her body and shape, including her hair.

But as opposed to what people generally think it is, I for one feel the hijab actually empowers and frees me. And from one sister to others, are you not tired of having to pretend a lot of times? Are you not tired of being a sexual object? Are you not upset that every time most men look at you, all they see is your body and not your brains? Isn’t it time you embraced the simple life, the real life? Isn’t it time to demand that society sees you differently? Here are 5 reasons I think why you should wear the hijab.

beautiful muslim girl with hijab

#1. Because Islam prescribes it

The word “Islam” means submission. Muslims are therefore expected to submit to the almighty God and obey all his commands without question.

That is true faith. Allah says in the Holy Quran:

“And say to the believing women that they cast down their looks and guard their private parts and do not display their ornaments except what is apparent thereof” (Surah Noor verse 31).

Muslim scholars unanimously agree that wearing the hijab is compulsory.

#2. Because you are a Muslim

Each and every one of us is a representative of our faith. As a Muslim, you should always be distinct from from the rest of society. A true Muslim’s hallmark is modesty and humility. Anyone who sees a woman with a scarf knows that she is a Muslim woman. The hijab should be worn with pride as it is the Muslim woman’s greatest identity.

It says: “yes I am a follower of the Islamic faith, I am modest and chaste and pure.”

#3. Because you deserve respect

Today, women are objectified to an extreme degree. Television shows, movies, billboard, everything is projecting the female body as an object of desire. Men have lost all respect for this beauty and rather take it as a play thing.

Women too are influenced by these ‘trends’ and are forced to take drastic measures such as losing weight unhealthily, being ashamed of their bodies and resorting to plastic surgery etc.

They jeopardize their health, sacrifice their happiness and comfort and give up their ultimate goal – obedience of Allah. Wear the hijab because you do not have to do all that. Wear the hijab because you deserve respect and because you are a woman who respects herself.

#4. Because it protects you

The women that are supposed to be the mothers of society, the protectors, the backbone of society, have become vulnerable to rape, sexual harassment and other horrible crimes.

Not to say that men have any justification for these crimes whatsoever, as women we should be wary and should take steps to protect ourselves. The hijab is one such step, which can send out a very important signal to people, that you are a woman who respects herself and are not to be taken lightly.

Not only does the hijab protect you from harassment, it also prevents people from taking you casually as just another woman who is inviting attention and can be hit on.

#5. Because it allows you to shine

When a woman wears the hijab, she’s saying ‘I am confident in myself and my abilities’. She is essentially saying she does not need to put herself out there to be appreciated. She appreciates herself and is where she is solely because of her capabilities.

Even people around you will be more genuine, because they will not approach you solely on the basis of your beauty. Wearing the hijab really does allow you to shine through with your skills and abilities. You can show the world what you can do without having them fixated on how you look.

At the end of the day however, wearing the Hijab is a personal decision, but I would strongly recommend all our sisters to give it a try, even if temporarily, to see how it affects their perception and the perception of people around them.

As always, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below and let us know how you feel about wearing the hijab.


  1. Maya

    Thank you for this article. I am a revert, been married to a Muslim for several years now but I started giving human a try just recently. Earlier in the marriage my husband had asked me to wear it but I begged to give me time and said I will wear it once I see myself fit to wear it. This moment in still struggling with it but I pray that I will be able to continuously do wear it.
    This article has enlightened me further. A big help for me.
    Heartfelt appreciationa tion and admiration to very well done article….

    • Ali Khan

      Maya – your husband is a Muslim, right? Well he should know better who to marry coz in Qu’ran it says muslim men can marry a Christian woman. A Christian believer – did your husband meet u at church? Or religious charity? Since you two got married, I assume you meet each other in a club or on Street, looking at each other which Allah forbid cause Allah said to lower the graze to believing men. Probably he is just calling himself muslim for sake of it, in reality your husband is not muslim in the first place.

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