5 Television Shows That Has a Hijab Character

The excitement you feel seeing another Muslims on TV with a hijab is beyond comparable!

Below are TV shows that has a hijab character.

#1. Degrassi


Degrassi is a Canadian teenage drama series. On one of the episodes (Don’t believe the hype S2) a young Muslim lady was given the role of a student that was been harassed by other students. This role was played by Jacqueline Rose but however, she did not show up in the rest of the shows.

Last year, Degrassi added a new hijab character (Somi Bhatia) that is passionate about activism and tries to make the school a better place for everyone.

#2. Quantico


This is a primetime show on ABC. The show is basically about a group of FBI recruits training. One of them is suspected of being a terrorist and of course all fingers goes to the hijabi. Yasmine Al Massri is definitely talented and full of surprises.

#3. Outsourced

Sarah Zerina

After season one, this NBC series was cancelled but what most people remember from it is; the hijab wearing lady (Sarah Zerina Usmen).

#4. Orange is the new black

Amanda Stephen

Meet Amanda Stephen. She plays the role of a new inmate in the women’s federal prison.

#5. Little Mosque on the prairie


This is another Canadian television sitcom that shows a Muslim community way of living.. Rayyan Hamoudi (the young hijab) plays the role of the daughter of the main characters. She is also the town doctor and a lady with outspoken opinions.


It’s not about if you made it on TV the thing that matters is getting on TV to show positives and the beautiful teachings of Islam.

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