5 things you should know about Trump’s muslim Ban

On 9th November, 2016 the dreams of muslims living in America and those preparing to travel there was cut short as Donald trump was announced the winner of the December presidential race. This is due to prior announcement made by Donald Trump during the presidential campaign that all muslims in America will face deportation if he wins the race.

Donald trump otherwise “Trump” is a republican business man and television personality who became the 45th president of America after beating Mrs. Clinton the democratic candidate. He preceded president Obama and earned himself global attention due to his bizarre immigration laws, climate change, extreme vetting of immigrant from muslim majority countries and aggressive military action against terrorism. As such was described as populist, protectionist and nationalist. Below are facts you should know about the executive order.

1.It is an executive other

An executive order is any official statement from the president which tells agencies involved to use their resources,but not necessarily constitutionally.

2.Ban muslims from 7 muslim dominated countries

The order bars the entry of foreign nationals from certain countries for 90 days. It refers to a law that strictly applies to seven Muslim-majority nations: Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and Iraq. Consequently, citizens from these countries will be denied entry except diplomats and those having the US green card status.

3.It suspends US refugee system for a period of 120 days

In addition, the ban also suspends US refugee system for a period of 120 days aimed at keeping radical Islamic terrorist away from the US territory. It also gives preference to Christian refugees from the middle east over their muslim counterparts consequently suspending the Syrian refugee program.

4.The ban on muslims from these countries should last 90 days

According to the authorities the ban is not expected to be permanent as it is being termed “illegal and shameful”.It is only expected to last 3 months during which it will help keep radical Islamic terrorist out of the US.

5.The ban doesn’t apply to citizens with US green card

Although few hours after the executive order citizens with dual nationality returning to America where denied entry into the US, the US homeland secretary John Kelly said “people from 7 ban countries holding so called green card are lawful permanent US residents and as such will not be blocked along side diplomats from such countries.

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