6 Ways To Make Your Eid Fun

As a child growing up, Eid was about receiving money and eating more candy. It marked a time of happiness to the entire Muslim ummah.

Are you one of the few families out there trying to make you Eid Fun?

Worry no more!

Below are six ways to make your Eid fun.

#1.Get the kids involved

mother and daughterThis is the perfect time to put away all phones, iPad or any electronic device. In fact no TV too. We all know kids love to play games and it’s a perfect time to dust off board games.

Tip- Attach prices to the winner to make the game more attractive.

Another way to engage kids is to bake cupcakes. Get everyone to decorate a cupcake to show creativity.

#2.Day out

Have you ever thought about visiting a zoo or amusement park on Eid then go to a restaurant for a family meal?

Having the whole family coming over for Eid is beautiful everyone might enjoy it but not the person that has to do all the cooking. It is important to look at the well-being of everyone especially on this day. Also make sure to get everyone on board.

#3.Eid-proof decorations

Your family can only know how special the day is when they wake up to decorations around the house or when they help with the decoration itself.

It doesn’t have to be expensive, all you need is colored papers. Make the types of designs you see fit or everyone will like.

You can also print out some from the internet.


Have you ever thought of family picnic on Eid?

This makes it easier for the entire family. All you need to do is coordinate who brings what.

Don’t forget to take a tennis ball, racket and Frisbee. Have a fun day with the family.

#5.Secret Eidia

As Eid approaches, all participants of secret Eidia write their names on a piece of paper then place it in a box. Afterward, each participant draws a paper out and buys gift for that person. On Eid, each present is displayed on the table with the receivers name only. Then the receiver has to figure out the giver.

#6.Candy Buffet

On Eid, there is no amount as to how much candy to eat. Fill in an entire table with candy!

If you’re worried about the health hazards of excess candy, then you can have an alternative; fruit buffet or you can make a mixture of fruits, cookie, candy or dessert buffet.

I hope this article serves as a way to get you prepared for Eid al Adha.

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