7 Reasons Not To Trash Your Old Phone

The age of technology, many will call this generation. Smart phones are now on the raise with better features thereby enabling people to change phones more often.

It is much easier now to own a pile of mobile phones.

What happens to this pile?

How do you dispose them?

Are you one of the few that throw away their old phone?

Man throwing a phone in the trash

Here are seven reasons not to throw away your old phone:

#1. Stored Data

To set up your phone requires personal details and this information will be stored. It might be pictures, Bluetooth connections, phone books and apps that has details about yourself. The point is that, private details will always be on the phone. Tossing your phone in the bin is a privacy risk, there is no telling were it might end up and what information can be gleaned from it.

What to do with your data from the phone?

*Backup everything then delete all data- passwords inclusive

*Go to settings and enable a factory reset.

#2. Your smart phones may contain toxins

In 2012, a research was done by Ann Arbor which tested for toxins on mobile phones and soils found at levels 10-100 times higher than the background levels recycling site in China. The findings of the research concluded that the chemicals are linked to impaired learning, birth defects, and other serious health problems.

Next time you dispose your phone, think about the findings of this research and also ways to disposed it properly.


You can also trade your mobile phone for store credit on retailers. The mobile phone can still be able to benefit you a thing or two.

There are various retailers that can help you to trade your phone:

*Best Buy- Known for their trade in program. The retailer will appraise the phone then offer gift cards depending on the value of the phone.

*Amazon- Share characteristics as Best Buy

*Verzion- Offers gift card or account credit

*Cell phone carriers

#4.Easier to Sell

There are a lot of companies out there that make it easy to sell your phone.

*Online Marketplace Glyde- Give Glyde a description of your phone and they’ll find you a buyer.

*Gazelle- They’ll buy your phone directly from you.

To name a few…

#5.Someone else could use it

Have you ever thought of donating your phone?

There are various companies that can help you donate your old phone for a worthy cause.

*Verizon- known for Hopeline program, they sell reusable phone and donate the proceeds to domestic violence organizations.

*Cellphones for soldiers- Your old phone can be used by active-duty military members.

To name a few…

#6. Backup Purposes

You can use your old phone as a secondary device. There might be times in which your present phone might stop working or times you need to travel and can’t go with it. There comes the role of the backup. You can use it to get you going.

#7. Great features installed on it

Just as similarities in mobile phones there are differences too. There are so many creative ways to repurpose your old phone;

*You can use it as a backup on images, phone book etc.

*You can use it as a music player for your car.

No more tossing out of old phones!

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