7 Types of Evil Bosses & Ways to Handle Them

Nothing beats working in a place with terrible salary than an annoying, sadistic boss. Sorry for the language. We all encounter one or two bosses who make us pass through hell and most times, just for the sake of it. You probably spend half of the time at work plotting means of just eliminating your boss, yet knowing at the back of your mind that it is just straight-up impossible.


Probably one of your thoughts is to quit but you aren’t prepared for that yet. So what do you do next?

Well below is a list of some of the evil, terrible and horrible bosses that exist in this day and age (how unfortunate right?); plus how to handle the stress they give you. Hopefully your boss is in among the list.

#1. The Bully


To answer your question, yes we do have bully bosses that have not outgrown their demeaning character.

Bullies in the workplace are worse than those in the school as they have better and refined ways of getting their dirty deed done. Working for one is probably one of the most awful things for an employee.

These types of bosses attack, insult, sometimes steal ideas. They have sufficient social skills to figure out who and how they need to coerce to get ahead on the job. They are assertive, know what they want and do everything to get what they want, even if it means trampling over someone.

Unfortunately they are very difficult to work with and make life terrible for those who are their target.

Ways to handle them: Take a formal action and standing up yourself; or you may leave the company or workplace and find a suitable place with a better boss.

#2. The Micro-Manager


Another name that you could give this category of bosses is the “perfectionist”. They are successful and attentive bosses.

They would enjoy things going their way even if it means altering the minute and most unimportant details of a project plan. Their desire is that of gaining control and may feel insecure if they feel their position is being threatened.

However, unlike the bully, they are adamant on ruining lives. Rather, they aim to make things picture perfect.

Ways to handle them: Handling a micro-manager is not that simple. The more experience you have, the more chance that you will able to successfully fend for yourself. Have friendly talks with the boss and kindly inform him of your ability to do your work alone. Be ready to negotiate.

#3. The People Pleaser.

to people pleasing boss

These are the bosses whose desire is to ensure that everyone is all smiley, even if it means failing to exert power or make harsh decisions. They are the indecisive kind of bosses and have very noncommittal and unsure leadership styles. These kind of bosses may leave employees insecure, wary and unsure if there is any progress being made, which in turn will negatively affect the company.

Ways to handle them: Have and maintain a relationship with them, where you will be able to give them advice. However, there is not much one can do while working with a people-pleasing boss.

#4. The Workaholic


You could describe these type of bosses as those with no lives. Their whole lives revolve around work and as a result, they expect the same from their employees. They have no appreciation for a work-life balance.

These are the type of bosses that expect you working day and night, being prompt and not leaving a second before closing work. Nevertheless, this is known to lead to depression in the long-run, as well as fatigue.

Ways to handle them: One way to handle these type of bosses is by standing up to them- informing them that you have a life to live outside work. If they fail to understand this, then feel free to leave and find somewhere else more conducive.

#5. The Dreamer


These are the kind of bosses who are full of talk, yet no action. Dreamers are visionaries whose illusions sometimes include those within their own company. Their visions are not exactly concrete and as a result they will often decline to go into specifics, which can be problematic when people working for them need precise direction.

They are quickly changing their ideas and dreams, without giving any hints or aid in achieving them. This makes it hard for their employees to meet certain requirements and to have tasks done.

Ways to handle them:  You need to ask questions. This may take more than one conversation, it may take more questions than you may have fathomed, especially as the dreamer’s vision changes.

#6. The Robot


When a boss is immersed on the technical at the expense of emotion or people, you may have a robot on your hands. They find it hard to relate with others and should an issue arise, they hope to handle it with a technological mindset.

Consequently, it often leads to conflicts and barriers between the boss or top management and the rest of the employees.

Ways to handle them: Break down the barriers. Forget the technology. Go for a one-on-one meeting and push for actual meetings when you want to make yourself heard.

#7. The BFF


You know bosses that unload on you about their weekend the second they work into your office? Well here they are.

You must be wondering how they could be in this list since they are trying to be your “best friend forever”. However, once these bosses have got you hooked, using you as a listening device, a therapist, a punching bag and anything else you could add on to that list, then you will realize that you cease to have a life of your own.

If they are having a bad day, then you must too. They do not understand the concept of boundaries.

It is one major contributing factor to job-meltdowns. The emotional energy of dealing with their drama can distract you from your work

Ways to handle them: Create boundaries. If your boss cannot respect and recognize when things need to be professional, then kindly teach him. Do not do this in a rude manner.

Also, have a friendly conversation with your boss so he or she could get to understand your perspective.


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