8 Facts and Benefits of Zam-Zam Water

Have you ever heard the origin of the Zam-Zam water?

Here is the story.

Hijar and baby Ibrahim spent months in the desert with barely any food to feed on and eventually, they ran out of food. Hijar’s milk dried up and her baby Ibrahim got hungry and began to cry. With her motherly heart, she climbed up the hill to look to see if anyone was passing by but didn’t see any. She went down the hill and to another to shout for help. On her 7th call, she heard a sound looked down her baby and saw a pull of water. She later on transformed this pool into a well and up to today, people still drink from it.


Below are 8 facts and benefits of Zam-Zam

Positive energy

Zam-Zam helps to heal cell systems within the human body. It’s a rare type of water and extraordinarily fills the body with energy. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) referred to Zam-Zam as the best water on the face of the earth.

Water fasting

Water fasting might seem surprising but it does actually occur. Imagine an entire 48 hour drinking only Zam-Zam? Zam-Zam is known to have nutrients that will increase haemoglobin level and blood platelets. It serves as a way to detoxify the entire body.

Miracle of its origin

Mecca is known to have been built on a mass of igneous rock. These rocks have no pores hence water is not able to come out from them. But however, Zam-Zam did! This shows how great and holy Mecca is.


In previous years, Zam-Zam was known to have more than 60 names. The more notorious ones are;

Murwiya, Shabaa’a and Maymouna.


Zam-Zam contains 366mg/1 of bicarbonates and it is extremely high in minerals. It is also known to be one of the purest water sources on earth.

Manifests for what it is drunk for

Upon drinking Zam-Zam with a sincere intention, Allah brings those intention to light. The Prophet (SAW) used to drink Zam-Zam to clear his chest before visiting the heavens and also used it to perform wudhu.


Zam-Zam has been following for over 4000 years. With all the test carried throughout its life, it has never shown any contamination.

Healing Nature

It has been scientifically proven that Zam-Zam has healing powers. The water itself contains calcium, natural fluoride, and magnesium salt. Each of these nutrients play a major role in the human body. Zam-Zam also kept Abu Dhar living for 40 days without food.

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