8 remarkable Muslim Women That Won Medals at the Olympics Games 2016

Muslim women around the world are breaking stereotypes and misconceptions such as women in Islam are oppressed and restricted to the home. Keep reading to find out more about these outstanding women and their achievements in the Olympics 2016.

  1. Aliya Mustafina

Aliya Mustafina

Country: Russia

Sport(s): gymnastics

Medal(s): gold (uneven bars), Silver (women’s team all-around event), Bronze (individual all-around)

  1. Dalilah Muhammad

Dalilah Muhammad

Country: USA

Sports: 400 meters hurdles

Medal: Gold

  1. Majlinda Kelmendi

Majlinda Kelmendi

Country: Kosovo

Sports: Judo

Medal: Gold


  1. Ibtihaj Muhammad, 30

Ibtihaj Muhammad,

Country: USA,

Sports: fencing

Medal: Bronze


  1. Sri Wahyuni Agustiani, 22


Sri Wahyuni Agustiani

Country: Indonesia,

Sports: weightlifting

Medal: Silver

  1. Sara Ahmed

Sara Ahmed

Country: Egypt,

Sports: weightlifting:

Medal: Bronze

Ahmed is the first Arab woman to win an Olympic weightlifting medal.

  1. Patimat Abakarova, 21

Patimat Abakarova

Country: Azerbaijan

Sports: Taekwondo (49kg category)

Medal: Bronze

  1. Ines Boubakri

Ines Boubakri

Country: Tunisia

Sports: Fencing

Medal: Bronze

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