9% growth in Dubai Chamber membership in 2016

According to a statement released on Monday, Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry has recorded a growth of 9% (16,800 companies) in 2016. This makes a total of 201,000 to the organisation’s total membership.

Ranked as the top trade destination for members is Saudi Arabia,and the total value of members export ad re-export amounts  to Dh273 billion.

The statement that was released also showed that 923,056 923,056 Certificates of Origin were issued and 5,550 ATA Carnets. They were received in the UAE and valued at Dh3.1 billion.

“2016 was an important year for Dubai as a number of new strategies were launched to facilitate the emirate’s transition to a post-oil economy and a global hub for knowledge and innovation. These major initiatives will increase foreign investors’ interest and help boost the emirate’s profile globally”, said Hamad Bu Amim (president and CEO, Dubai Chamber).

The chamber is expected to launch its new strategy (which is in line with the Dubai Plan 2021). This strategy is expected to put a strong emphasis on growing its global network, foster a culture of innovation, boost public-private sector collaboration and developing the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

On an overview, the Dubai Chamber is looking forward to 78 events ad would run across 50 cities. There will also be a hosting of 681 delegations from 81 countries.  So far, more than 1,500 meetings were held by the Chamber with 1,525 delegates (while its International offices conducted a total of 484 meetings.

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