A forecast of 200,000 new aviation jobs for Boeing in UAE

According to Boeing, Airlines in the USA as well as the rest of the Middle East will need an additional 200,000 personnel. These personnel’s will be needed to support the growing request for new aircraft deliveries over the next twenty years.

On Wednesday, the US planemaker announced in its report that the region’s commercial aviation industry is expected to use about 92,000 cabin crew, 66,000 technicians and 58,000 pilots. This recruitment of flying personnel will be one of the largest in the entire world.

“We are continuing to see significant need for new pilots and maintenance technicians. This translates into exciting career opportunities for those interested in the aerospace industry,” said Sherry Carbary, Vice president of Boeing Flight Services.

Additional staff has continued to be hired this year by the UAE based carries and hopefully by the end of 2016, there will be a total of 10,000 new employees.

This increment in staff was brought by the aims of the UAE-based carries, which seeks to expand its fleet to new destinations.

According to the 2016-2035 Boeing Pilot and Technician Outlook, the total number of new aviation personnel required between 2016 and 2035 will reach 2.1 million.

“The demand for new pilots is primarily driven by new airplane deliveries and fleet mix, while new technician demand is primarily driven by fleet growth.”

Overall, the Asia-Pacific region will lead the recruitment activity, with more than 500,000 new pilots and technicians.

China is expected to require 111,000 pilots and 119,000 technicians, South Asia 41,000 pilots and 39,000 technicians and Oceanic region 13,000 pilots and 17,000 technicians.

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