A Story worth Reading

After a long day at work, I finally got home. I couldn’t believe how much work I’ve done on that particular day, all the transactions and service offerings just made my energy level to drain off.

I took a long shower, ate supper and finally headed to bed. Three hours later, my 8-year old son came to my room and complained about pains. I got up, gave him medication and went with him to his room to make sure that he is okay. After a couple of hours, I went back to bed.

In the morning, I went to his room to check on him and found that there was a reduction in Pain but it didn’t go away entirely so I decided to take him to the hospital.

On entering the hospital, I noticed that it was one of the busy days (there were so many people at the hospital) so I figured that I probably will get to work in about three hours. I took a number and sat in the waiting area.

Looking around, I saw different facial expressions- some with pain, some looking around while others closed their eyes. They all showed how bored and eager they were to see the doctor. On the far end, I couldn’t help but notice a man reading his pocket-sized Quran.

A few minutes later, I was tempted to have a conversation with the man. I greeted him and we began to have a conversation. It was mainly based on how to utilize time.

He asked me; ‘have you been so busy lately that you barely have the time to read the Quran?’

I felt so guilty that it took forever to reply. He then said ‘you don’t need to feel shy, we’re all humans’. Not to his surprise, I answered yes and gave the excuse that it is not easy to work 6 days in a week, take care of a family and also take care of myself.

He looked at me and smiled. “Do you know why I carry this pocket-sized Quran?” He asked. In a rush I replied; ”to be able to tell people you’re Muslim even if they don’t ask.”

Then he said, ‘I have been carrying this pocket-sized Quran ever since my friend advised me to make good use of time’. He then emphasized about how we can always fit-in time to worship Allah and that while I was waiting for the doctor, I could have read a lot verses from the Quran. Instead of wasting three hours, I could have used it to worship Allah.

With your busy schedules, how will you find three hours of reading the Quran? he said.

These statements gave me a reflection to life and made me think about how much time I’ve wasted that I could have used to worship Allah.

Ever since, I’ve learnt to manage my time in a positive way. I hope you can do the same.


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