Accurate Hadiths on Divorce

Islam permits divorce however does not encourage it. The following hadith to some degree perfectly portrays Islam’s stance on divorce. As narrated by Abdullah bin Umar, the Messenger of Allah (saw) said: “The most hated of permissible things to Allah is divorce.” Keep reading to find out a few other details of Islam’s standpoint on divorce.

Narrated by Umar bin Khattab
The Messenger of Allah (saw) divorced Hafsah then took her back.

Narrated by Abu Musa
The Messenger of Allah (saw) said: What is wrong with people who play with the limits imposed by Allah, and one of them says: “I divorce you, I take you back, I divorce you?”

Narrated by Ibn Umar
“I divorced my wife when she was menstruating. Umar mentioned that to the Messenger of Allah and he said: ‘Tell him to take her back until she becomes pure (i.e., her period ends), then she has her period (again), then she becomes pure (again), then if he wishes he may divorce her before having sexual relations with her, and if he wishes he may keep her. This is the waiting period that Allah has enjoined.'”

Narrated by Abdullah
“Divorce according to the Sunnah means divorcing her when she is pure, (i.e., not menstruating) and without having had intercourse with her (during that cycle).”

Narrated by Abdullah
“Divorce according to the Sunnah means divorcing her with one divorce in each cycle when she is pure, then when she becomes pure the third time, then he pronounces divorce again, and after that she must wait one more menstrual cycle.”

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