Allah’s best friend (A touching Islamic story)   

So many years ago, in the faraway land of Iraq, a boy named Ibrahim (Abraham) (may Allah’s blessings be upon him) was born in the village of Ur. He was so gracious, kind-hearted, and pure in faith. For these reasons, Allah gave him wisdom as a child and made him His best friend.

The sad thing about the people in those days was, they used to worship stones and statues but even as a child, Ibrahim wondered why. On one occasion, he broke all the idols in the temple except the biggest while the people were away. When the townspeople returned and realized that all their “gods” (except the biggest) were broken, they asked who had done it. Brave enough, Ibrahim calmly replied, “Ask the biggest idol. Why do you worship things that cannot even talk, move or understand?” Filled with rage, the people swore to kill him by burning him alive.

But then, the Greatest (Allah) was with him. Allah commanded the fire, “O fire, be cool and peaceful for Ibrahim”. Immediately, a miracle happened. The people were gazing in wonder at what they saw.  Instead of burning Ibrahim, the fire became a cool refuge for him and he was all well.

As time went by, Ibrahim grew up and became a great Prophet. He preached Allah’s message first in his own land, then later in Syria, Palestine and Egypt. He got married to a righteous woman, Hajar, and Allah blessed them with a beautiful son named Ismail. Allah ordered Ibrahim to take his wife and son to the place now known as Makkah. It took them a long time to reach the lonely, barren valley near two small hills called Safa and Marwah. Ordered by Allah, Ibrahim had to leave his baby there along with his wife and he was not going to stay with them. Baby Ismail began to cry for water and helpless Hajar ran from one hill to another. However, there was not a drop of water to drink, nor was there a human being to give her any.

Surprisingly, a miracle was performed. Allah gushed from beneath Ismail’s feet, a spring (later known as Zamzam). Hajar then gave some fresh spring water to the thirsty child, and so his life was saved. Ismail and his mother began to live in the valley and because of the Zamzam spring, more people gradually settled there. As a result, these people slowly built up a small town later known as Makkah.

This story has two moral lessons.

One of the lessons teaches us that faith in Allah is the only thing that can save a believer in both worlds- this world and the hereafter.

The second lesson teaches us that believers who, despite their hardships follow the path of Allah, will eventually find that Allah will help them in miraculous ways, just as baby Ismail was saved by the wonders of the Zamzam spring.

Touching story right? Hope you enjoyed reading it and don’t forget to ponder on the moral lessons too.



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