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We seek refuge in Allah’s light from the darkness of the world. We seek the light of Allah through His guidance as taught by the Quran which is a manifestation of light. We love and follow the Prophet Muhammad (Sallalahu


Salah is the major form of worship that a Muslim offers regularly five times on each and everyday . Salah is an obligation upon all Muslims-there are no excuse for not offering Salah. Salah has other benefits for Muslims besides


The relationship between Muslim spouses is anchored on affection and mercy and not on ardent love, desire and passion. It is a relationship which is based on quiet love (affection) and mutual mercy  not illusions of love which fail to


Note: Views Expressed in this article are solely the opinions of the writer and should not be misconstrued as representing the editorial policy of Muslim Inc.  Qaddafi noted on many occasions that the Libyan Revolution had a sacred duty to


Take a careful look at how you talk to your children, how you interact with them and how much time you give them. All these are important acts of worship. Teach them mannerisms to begin with. Children learn by imitating.

Taqwa verse

The universal principle of submission to the Divine Will of Allah is beautifully expressed in the character of one who is a servant of Allah, known as an “ Abd-Allah ” which is an ideal state of Taqwa. Taqwa cannot


What Is Taqwa? (part1)

Taqwa implies a sense of alertness, consciousness and vigilance towards the Pleasure and Mercy of Allah. To be constantly aware of what pleases or displeases Him and to ensure all our efforts are to make Him happy so to gain


In Islam, sports are perceived as important ways to gain a healthy body. Sports such as archery, swimming and horseback riding are especially encouraged. Islam encourages exercise and being in good physical shape. The Prophet said, “A strong believer is


Before seeking cures for any disease, a Muslim should first believe that all diseases as well as their cures are in Allah’s hands and power. Allah alone decrees trials for His creation and He alone can decree their remedies. All


Even if we are stuck in some hardship, or we are being tested and tried, or we are disabled, or for whatever reason, remember that none of these is an excuse for missing your prayers. Your Lord, my lord the