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Every society differs from one another. The difference is as a result of, culture, norm, values, traditions, customs and formalities. Below is an Islamic perceptive on general rules; Parents Aside Allah and the prophet (SAW), parents are the most important.

Sheryl Sandberg

Inspiration comes from every corner. It might be looking at a certain object, people or reads. Success is key; everyone wants to be successful and worth billions. Below is a list of women who worked hard to build what they’re


As a child growing up, Eid was about receiving money and eating more candy. It marked a time of happiness to the entire Muslim ummah. Are you one of the few families out there trying to make you Eid Fun?


On the 6th of July 2016, Muslims all over the globe celebrated Eid. This trending hashtag was used to spread selfies of people celebrating Eid. This year it is used to show expressions of disappointment with Snapchat on their Eid


2016 was definitely a tough year, but these men make it worth the while! #1.White Helmets These are the Syrian Civil Defense. They are made up of volunteers that operate in the rebel-controlled Syria during the Syrian Civil war. These


This article is inspired by the book “1001 Inventions”. It celebrates the forgotten history of 1000 years of Muslim heritage. Below is a list of inventions by Muslims (which are very useful to us). #1. Clocks This amazing invention was


We have seen that during Obama’s last days as president, he has named several people to fill key administrative positions in the government. A lot of women made the list and below is some of the famous names that stand