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Variations in islam

People are generally aware of two main variations of Islam which are Sunni Islam and Shi’ite which between them comprise of more than 90% of all Muslims. However, few realize that there are a lot more variations of the Islamic


It is known to everyone that Plato’s Allegory is one of the most thought-provoking as well as fascinating parables ever told. It is however intriguing that many people have devoted their career as well as lives to try to fully


In Islam, Salat (prayer) is an obligatory task. In fact it is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is also known that Salat should be performed very consciously and deliberately, and it includes both physical and spiritual components.

Captain Hanadi Zakaria Al Hindi

Previously, only about 5.15% female pilots were trained to fly commercial planes. As a result of stereotyping, this number has dramatically reduced especially within the Muslim world. Do you know that Prince Al Waleed bin Talal’s (Saudi Arabia) private plane


Statistics has it that there are over six million Americans who suffer from bipolar and it is regarded as the sixth leading cause of disability. It is also said that people with bipolar disorder have their lives shortened by 9


Islam is built of five pillars; To worship non but Allah Zakat Five daily prayers Hajj Fast in the time of Ramadan These important pillars is the life of every Muslim. We all have heard of Adam and how he

Hooray for Baba Ali

There are a lot of negativity in the world that even the cartoons kids watch needs to be controlled. Are you a mother who is always looking for shows/movies your child (children) should watch? Worry no more! Below are Islamic entertainment


It is required by Islam that Muslim women cover up themselves when they go outside. It is believed that when a female covers up herself, she is given the respect she deserves. The article describes the physical requirements of a

The boy and the king

Family time is the most valuable time ever! Have you ever chosen to have a family day and not have any cartoons for the kids. Below are Islamic cartons you can watch with the entire family. The lion of Ain Jalut


In Islam, sexuality is considered an identity. Unlike animals, Allah gave us the ability to control our behavior. In the Quran (51: 40) it is stated that ‘”And of everything we have created in pairs so that you may receive