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This is an Arabic term often used by Muslims during conversation to express their satisfaction or gratitude for Allah’s blessings upon them. It is a word made up of about 3 parts; Al, meaning “the”, Hamdu, meaning “praise”, Li-lah, meaning “to


Apple is one of the world’s top ranking mobile phone companies, producing innovative cutting-edge world-class products. Their products range from laptops to handheld mobile devices as well as some of the best applications specifically made to run on Apple devices.

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Muslim parents and students often narrow their search when making a long-distance study plan, often times would prefer countries with a dominant population of Muslims, accessibility to mosques, school of taught and freedom to practice Islam. This article brings you


Islam is the only religion that uplifts the status of women. The Quran and hadith have left no stone unturned when it comes to dealing with women– from how to associate with them to how to live peacefully with them.


Blessed is he who is born a Muslim. The life of every Muslim is surrounded by advice and warnings; the verses of the Holy Quran and from prophet Nuh (RA) to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) were all sent to advise and


Pregnancy is viewed differently among different societies and cultures; it is viewed as a curse, a deformity, as a vulnerability factor, a disease and to many a burden. Religiously, however, it is viewed as a blessing and a form of


As the month of power draws to an end, so also do we increase our opportunities for dua. Even the Rasul (SAW) useD to exert himself in devotion, during the last ten nights of the month of Ramadan than any