#BeingBlackAndMuslim tweets

For years now, black people have been facing a lot of racism and discrimination in societies. It goes as far as inter-racial within Muslim communities.

There are people who are black and are Muslim. They struggle day by day to fit in their societies. They deal with discrimination and racism just because of their skin color. They have too much on their plate to deal with and for being Muslim, they deal with Islamophobia as well.

#BeingBlackAndMuslim was trending on twitter a couple of weeks ago and below is a brief summary of various comments.

1.Something is definitely wrong when you need Trump before you help each other out.

@halimnaeem said: #BeingBlackAndMuslim When your immigrant counterpart communities only call and recognize you as Muslim when they are about to get….#BANNED

2.Black and Muslim 

@pochighlight: #BeingBlackAndMuslim means that if you’re not being called a nigger, you’re being called a terrorist.

3.Black and Muslim 

@HalfAtlanta: #BeingBlackAndMuslim means hearing “free Palestine” often, but being told “Black lives matter” is too controversial.

4.Supporting #blackhistorymonth

@atribecalledmoe: #BeingBlackAndMuslim no one talks about the Islamic Empire of Mali because they want you to believe that Africa had no significance in Islam

 5.Being black, Muslim and a woman

@-hafeezat : #BeingBlackAndMuslim when you have to deal with racism, islamophobia and sexism all in one. I’m basically a walking target

6.Sadly enough, non-black Muslims can be so ignorant

@MariamasTL: #BeingBlackAndMuslim Having to recite a verse from the Quran to non-black Muslims to prove that you’re Muslim.


Kamil_Kamikazi @TheKamikazi: The ummah really needs to check itself.If we can’t question prejudice within our community what can we expect of others #BeingBlackAndMuslim

8.One ‘advantage’ of being a minority

khalafalla @AmericanZol: #BeingBlackAndMuslim you try and push your community towards solidarity with other movements because you know what injustice feels like.

9.Some non-black Muslims should really buy themselves a map

Amal @abyssiniayn: #BeingBlackAndMuslim is Africa being the only continent that has a Muslim majority yet folks still erase black Muslims”

10.When people still don’t get the difference between race and religion

wanderess @heyitsasmaaa: #BeingBlackAndMuslim

Me: I’m black

Classmate: I thought you were Muslim?

Me: Ya and black

Them: image

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