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Meet Halima Aden

Halima Aden is a Somali-American that was born in a refugee camp in Kenya. By the age of 6 she was then moved to Minnesota. Aden is a teenager who hopes to diversify the stereotypical image of beauty pageant contests

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The Muslim ethical system has four sources: the Quran, the sayings and behaviour of Prophet Mohammad (saw), the example set by his companions, and the interpretations of Muslim scholars of these sources. These provide an entire socioeconomic system that guides


As  a prophet,  Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) taught people to follow ethical standards in their daily lives. This includes trading, business transactions and entrepreneurship. The ethical values he followed are clearly noted in the Quran. “When a sale is held, say,


It is said that Islam does not dictate the price or profit of a particular good/ service. It however encourages non-monopolistic free markets. This is where demand and supply of the good dictates the price. It is based on demand


It is true that to become a millionaire, you have to be willing to take risks. It is also true that quite a few expatriates in the UAE are edgy about the idea. According to a latest research that looked


Quite a lot has been said by various entities of the importance of SMEs in the economy. SMEs are known to lead innovations as well as employment generation and they play a major real in adding to be vitality, debt


Despite the marginal decline in Emirates NBD Dubai Economy Tracker Index, Dubai’s private sector still remains strong with momentum growth across key sectors. Khatija Haque (Head of Mena Research at Emirates NBD) said “The DET reading indicates that Dubai’s non-oil