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Human rights 2

In an earlier article on the same topic, we discussed the meaning of human rights in the Islamic context as opposed to the modern day thinking on the subject. Human rights refer to the rights of humans given directly from

Rights 1

The simplest understanding of the concept of human rights in Islam can be described as rights of every person established by Allah. Furthermore, in Islam human rights are centered on fairness, self-worth, and reverence for the human race. The human


In the previous article of the same subject, we discussed the meaning of Istighfaar and Tawbah as two forms by which Muslims can repent in Islam. We further discussed the steps involved in doing Istighfaar. In this article, we will


In this article, we will elaborate briefly on the meaning of Istighfaar and Tawbah. We will also describe the basic steps involved in doing Istighfaar accompanied with few illustrations. We will further discuss the steps involved in completing a proper

Quran 6

Indeed it was revealed from Allah our creator, from whom only great things are sent down to His creation.  The Quran-a magnificent book is undoubtedly perfect in all aspects. Allah Azawajala says “And we have given you, [O Muhammad], seven

Jummah 1

Friday is considered a sacred day by Muslims as a result of the ritual Jummah prayers held in the forenoon of the day. The Jummah prayer is the weekly congregational gathering of believers to which Muslims are required to attend.


How To Live A Happy Life

Happiness is a word literally used to describe certain ranges of positive feelings. We humans at times have feelings of joy, peace, contentment, pride and gratitude. Sometimes the feelings could be rare and sometimes it could be common depending on


What Is Taqwa? (part1)

Taqwa implies a sense of alertness, consciousness and vigilance towards the Pleasure and Mercy of Allah. To be constantly aware of what pleases or displeases Him and to ensure all our efforts are to make Him happy so to gain


Sujood is the highest degree of obedience and servitude because man places on the ground the loftiest part of his body, i.e. his forehead, and expresses humility and impotence in the presence of the Omnipotent Authority. “When a person prostrates,


‘Dhikr is a means of blessings and reward from Allah and also results in peace of mind. Allah tells us in the Quran: “Those who believe and whose hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of Allah, for without doubt, in


GOOD vs BAD (Part 3)

In the art of war, you have to know your enemy’s “playbook” in order to create your own strategy. The best asset you can have is to have a spy. However we do not need that when it comes to

Satan 2

GOOD VS BAD (Part 2)

Another cunning trick that Satan likes to play on people and usually wins is the guilt factor. He would tell you that you are beyond repair. You have done sin that Allah SWT would never forgive you so that you