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Due to the heavy fog conditions which the UAE have been experiencing in recent weeks, airlines in the UAE are currently asking passengers – who are planning to depart the country – to check with their online advisories for expected


According to ValuStrat data, villa sales in Dubai recorded a bit of a spike during the fourth quarter. This suggests that the worst affected residential format could be up for a more sustained turnaround. However, specific villa transactions went up


If you’re an investor in the United Arab Emirates, now is the most fitting time to invest in hotel assets at prices that you would be comfortable with. “The recent performance decline for income producing assets has impacted hotel values


According to the current owner of the property, three UAE-Qatar based investors are in the running to gain an upscale beach resort in the Chennai -South Indian metropolis. The price for the Leela Palace Chennai would be finalised before March


It has just been announced that the Dubai Land Department has gone in for a major upgrade. This is the “Trakheesi”,a smart system which will ease procedures for real estate-related businesses to attain licenses, broker’s cards as well as special


According to Emirates NBD Asset Management (the wholly owned asset management arm of Emirates NB), the equity markets in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region presents a sizable opportunity for investors focusing on the emerging market economies. A


Looking at the new report brought out by Al Masah Capital, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar (despite the soft market conditions) still offer better returns on real estate investment compared to other destinations with matured investments. Even though the dollar