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More than 370,000 Rohingya Muslims have recently crossed Myanmar’s border into Bangladesh since violence intensified last month. According to Myanmar’s military,  it is fighting Rohingya militants and denies targeting civilians. UN agencies and independent eye witness accounts however suggest that a

Student Loans

Student Loans and Islam

Student loans play a major role in someone’s life. A lot of people spend huge chunks of their earnings paying off their student loans after graduation. There really isn’t life after college after all. The bigger the profession, the higher


In a world where a small body is seen as the ideal size, millions of people take great care in what they eat so as not to get too overweight. Just go down the aisles in any supermarket, you will


Many early Muslims were engaged in trade and for this reason they traveled to distant lands in connection with their businesses. Islam reached East and West Africa as well as East Asia and Europe through the travels of Muslim business people.


With the aim of implementing the government’s reform programme, Egypt is currently in negotiations to secure a loan of $12 billion from the International Monetary Fund for the past 3 months. The loan is expected to change the Egyptian economy and


The U.S President, Barack Obama, has declared a series of educational and business prospects in an attempt to settle the disputes between the Unites States and the Muslim world. Entrepreneurs from 50 different countries around the globe are expected to