Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s score on sustainability

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the top-ranked in the Middle East and had currently made their way on to the first 50 rankings for sustainable cities in the world. Zurich was ranked first.

Dubai was ranked 4th among financial centres. It was ranked based on the ease of doing business while Abu Dhabi was ranked 13th.

On the general sustainability score, Dubai was placed 52 whilst Abu Dhabi was placed 58.

“The 2021 Dubai Plan has a clear goal to become the most business-friendly city in the world and this is being supported through continued investment in the city’s infrastructure”, said Ben Khan (Client Development Director at the regional operations of Arcadis).

He also added “In Abu Dhabi, we have the Complete Sustainable Communities initiative that was set up by the Urban Planning Council, which is focused on creating a better-connected, safer and greener city that provides a better quality of life.”

Vinod Pillai (General Manager at RM Group-which has interests in both real estate development and contracting) said: “More developers are signing for the LEED benchmarks in Dubai or the Pearl initiative in Abu Dhabi, even though these are still voluntary. No longer are these being done for prestige projects”.


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