Dubai developer conferred for a Guinness record

A residential high rise project in Dubai has been confirmed (for The longest continuous pouring of concrete) with Guinness World Record. This project involves 200,000 cubic metres of concrete and would involve a 42 hours at a stretch at Geepas Tower site (Arjan-Al Barsha).

“Because the built-up area was spread over 145,000 square feet, it was felt that a raft foundation would work better than piling. The main reason was we could save on both time and costs using the raft method. In terms of time saved, a typical piling work would take anywhere up to six months for a standard high-rise on 30,000-40,000 square feet, whereas we finished the raft foundation in two months” said Nizar T.N,, (Executive Director at Western International Group and the developer).

“It’s a high-density structure that will be built on-site — limiting the foundation works to two months gives us ample time to take care of the rest of it”.

“The cost benefits too have proved significantly in a project where the total cost comes in at Dh450 million.”

The Geepas Tower is expected to be completed by March 2018 and would have 684 apartments, 40,000 square feet for retail offerings.

“Our intention is to lease out the units, create a recurring revenue stream for the Group. The project marks a gradual expansion of our residential real estate interests, which we launched by picking up tower projects from other developers in Ajman”. Nizar

“Our Ajman portfolio now totals more than 300 apartments and the next move obviously had to be in Dubai. Leasing will start closer to the completion date.”

Nizar also added “There are other possibilities we could consider with real estate development — but the preference is for leased assets rather than freehold. Despite our recent real estate push, retail will remain the foundation of the business… there are still locations that we could go in for within the established locations of Dubai. This could be through taking over an established location currently overseen by another operator. Dubai still has ample number of locations where a supermarket business — done properly — can be a cashflow positive.”


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