Dubai ranked among top global visitors

According to the annual Mastercard- Global Destinatons Cities Index released recently, Dubai has been ranked in the top 5 destinations for international overnight visitor arrivals for 2016

Bangkok is at first place with an expected number of 21.47 million visitors. London falls at second place.

“The way people travel and spend across borders indicates just how interconnected and important the world’s cities are,” said Ann Cairns (President of International Markets, Mastercard).

“As the planning and experience of the trip become increasingly important, Mastercard is bringing all these pieces together seamlessly through innovation and connections.”

The index report also shows that Dubai is among the top rank as a result of the international visitor spending of US $31.3 billion which exceeds London’s (US $19.8 billion).

The Index provided for 132 cities in the world and included the Middle East and Africa.

Abu Dhabi was also reported as the fastest growing in the region.

Below are the cities rankings (From the Top)

London – 19.88 million visitors

Paris – 18.03 million visitors

Dubai – 15.27 million visitors

New York – 12.75 million visitors

Singapore – 12.11 million visitors

Kuala Lumpur – 12.02 million visitors

Istanbul – 11.95 million visitors

Tokyo – 11.70 million visitors

Seoul – 10.20 million visitors

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