Ensuring Gender Balance at Work

The issue of having and maintaining an equal gender balance at work is particularly crucial. In this day and age when women’s rights have being majorly supported and promoted, applying that to the workplace is necessary yet challenging.

How do you ensure that there are not more men than women? Or that the ratio of men to women is at an acceptable point? Or how do you make sure that women are not overshadowed through the mindsets, attitudes and language of men whilst at work?

The key to being a good businessman with hired staff is to promote a healthy work environment where no one party feels higher than the other because of sex or gender.

Thus, in guaranteeing this, certain steps and efforts need to be made.

Gender Equality Training

A starting point to making sure that gender equality is recognized and respected at the workplace is by implementing gender equality training for both old and new staff.

Teach them about the various forms by which a person may be discriminated against and about the importance of treating each other with utmost respect. Let them know about the consequences of any discriminatory attitude practiced by anyone.

In the end, your staff should appreciate the relevance of gender equality and aim to maintain it at work.

On-Site Facilities

Probably one of the reasons behind gender inequality is the stereotype placed on women with children or fathers that have to stay home to take up that duty.

As a result of this, most employees tend to be stuck in between a rock and a hard place- having to choose between their family and work.

Therefore to avoid this- the stereotype, the gender inequality and the tough decisions, the workplace should aim to implement certain facilities for family men and women.

This includes a day-care at work where parents are able to work while feeling sure that their child is under the same roof and is being taken care of.

Chances are, with these facilities, you will notice more parents being able to work effectively and there is a healthy balance of both sexes.

Promote Women

There is no better way to promote gender equality than to be more welcoming of women seeking employment positions. Questions such as whether they are married or have children should be avoided as this will lead to gender bias.

Instead, be more inviting of women and be sure to show-off your successful women in the company. This will encourage more women to seek employment positions and showcase the company in a better light with regards to gender equality.

Salary & Bonuses

It is popular that in certain offices and countries, women suffer from gender inequality with regards to the pay they receive. Men are likely to earn more than women despite the fact that both put in the same time and effort.

Thus, to prevent gender inequality in this form, make sure that both men and women are paid equally for the same amount of time and work put in.


Your company or business ought to have policies with regards to gender equality. Certain policies that ban sexual harassment and any form of discrimination as well as equality in pay and the workplace should be implemented and enforced. These policies should not allow favoritism; however, it ought to apply to all staff, from the leadership down to the bottom.

Ensure that these policies are known to all staff and are enforced.

Encourage Funding

Another way to make sure gender equality is secured or guaranteed is through funding. Staff could be encouraged to raise money for females who are working, either in the same workplace or in other businesses who may be struggling in one way or another.


Gender equality at work could be published, for example on the company’s website, in order to promote it further and to inform others of the policies of the company. This will serve as an exemplary move for other companies to follow.

Use the power of networking. Networking, mentoring and coaching opportunities can help women build confidence and develop their careers.



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