Games that enhance togetherness in Muslim homes

Although the actual definition of family is only seen in text today, the reality of family is seen as a group of people related by blood, living under the same roof with each minding his or her business; Dad is in the sitting room with his friends, mom is busy in the kitchen while the kids are in their individual rooms busy on the internet, gaming or their mobile devices. Muslims parents ought to know that as parents, its their sole responsibility to be concerned about the well being of the family, which involves building togetherness, love and care within the family setting. Are you a concerned muslim parent, thinking about activities to bring your family together this spring? Well then, this articles look into a few suggested home games for the whole family.

‘Steps to Paradise’ Board Game

Personally, this is one of my favorite because it reminds us about our lives and final abode. It is an English board game with variety of questions for different age levels. And just like every other board game, as you move around the board you earn sawabs (rewards) which, depending on the amount of reward will enable you enter paradise. Games like this, do not only provide a means to bring the family together but also teaches the young ones the importance good deeds and the concept of a better life after, which is worth striving for.

Question and Answer Cards

Another very ideal game readily available, is the pre-made cards with questions and answers on islam. Best when the family competes against each other and perhaps, as a consequence for knowing less the losing side is mandated to do something for the winning side like prepare lunch. This is very vital as it boosts the family’s understanding of the deen and their zeal to want to know more, as such building a happy and knowledgeable family.

Treasure Hunting

Actually one of the most fun filled home made games available. Treasure haunt can be customized in many ways. What makes this one more interesting is the fact that, it is customized specifically for muslims. It can be designed quite simply depending on the ages of the participating majority. Mom and Dad can design the haunt for the rest of the family with the number of clues depending on the number of letters which spells the secret place. Assuming there are pizza packs in the microwave, the number of letters which spells “MICROWAVE” will be the number of questions and each clue shall indicate the first letter which spells microwave. If the treasure gets found all can share from the price. Young or old, we all love a fun filled game either board, treasure haunt or question and answer card games. Aside this, there are numerous halal home games for the family we can lay our hands on. However, the most important concept is not the game or how it is being played, rather the effect it has on us and the lessons derived from playing them.

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