Here’s A Catalogue Of Muslim Doctors You Can Always Draw Inspiration From

Overcoming obstacles and discrimination as a Muslim and achieving something is a great accomplishment. This catalogue comprises of some of the many Muslim doctors who defeated those obstacles and became what they dreamed of. Kudos to them.

#1.Al-Kindi (Alkindus) (801-873), pioneer of pharmacology

#2.Abbas Ibn Firnas (Armen Firman) (810-887)

#3.Ali ibn Sahl Rabban al-Tabari, pioneer of medical encyclopedia

#4.Ahmed ibn Sahl al-Balkhi

#5.Ishaq bin Ali al-Rahwi (854–931), pioneer of peer review and medical peer review

#6.Abul Hasan al-Tabari – phys

#7.Ali ibn Sahl Rabban al-Tabari – physician

#8.Ibn Al-Jazzar

#9.Rhazes (Al Razi), also a chemist

#10.Ali ibn Abbas al-Majusi (d. 994), pioneer of obstetrics and perinatology

#11.Abu al-Qasim al-Zahrawi (Abulcasis) – father of modern surgery, and pioneer of neurosurgery, craniotomy, hematology and dental surgery

#12.Ibn al-Haytham (Alhacen), pioneer of eye surgery, visual system and visual perception

#13.Abū Rayhān al-Bīrūnī

#14.Avicenna (Ibn Sina) (980-1037) – father of modern medicine, founder of Unani medicine, pioneer of experimental medicine, evidence-based medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, clinical pharmacology, aromatherapy pulsology and sphygmology, and also a philosopher

#15.Al-Tamimi, the physician (d. 990)

#16.Ibn Miskawayh

#17.Ibn Zuhr (Avenzoar) – father of experimental surgery, and pioneer of experimental anatomy, experimental physiology, human dissection, autopsy and tracheotomy

#18.Ibn Bajjah (Avempace)

#19.Ibn Tufail (Abubacer)


#21.Ibn al-Baitar

#22.Mehmet Oz Famous American-Turkish heart surgeon, the founder and chairman of HealthCorps

#23.Mohammad Samir Hossain, a theorist  author and one of the few Muslim scientists  in the field of Death anxiety (psychology) research.

#24.Nasir al-Din Tusi

#25.Ibn al-Nafis father of circulatory physiology, pioneer of circulatory anatomy, and founder of Nafisian anatomy, physiology,pulsology and sphygmology

#26.Kamāl al-Dīn al-Fārisī

#27.Ibn al-Khatib (1313–1374)

#28.Mansur ibn Ilyas

#29.Frederick Akbar Mahomed (d. 1884), made substantial contributions to study of hypertension and process of clinical trials

#30.Saghir Akhtar – pharmacist

#31.Toffy Musivand

#32.Muhammad B. Yunus, the “father of our modern view of fibromyalgia”

#33.Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, pioneer of biomedical research in space

#34.Agha (Hakim) Muhammad Baqir , authority on Unani medicine, Chief Physician to the Maharaja of Kashmir

#35.Hakim Muhammad Said – specialist in Unani medicine, author.

#36.Hakim Syed Zillur Rahman – specialist in Unani medicine, author and founder of Ibn Sina Academy of Medieval Medicine and Sciences.

#37.Ibrahim B. Syed – radiologist

#38.Syed Ziaur Rahman – specialist in Pharmacology

#39.Nizam Peerwani

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