How people feel about their jobs in the UAE

Have you ever feel like going to the office is a drag? The routine work becomes dull and as you sit behind the desk you keep looking at the clock and time doesn’t seem to be moving.

It is true that lack of meaning and fun in jobs causes a common refrain among professionals from around the globe with major pressure with employees within the UAE.

According to a new research by (salary benchmarking site), job satisfaction levels in the UAE are one the lowest in the world; about eight in ten (83 per cent) employees admitting they are bored at work.

“With very high salaries, UAE professionals are more likely to tolerate boring jobs or companies, even when working six days a week,” according to (which surveyed major expatriate destinations around the world).

It has also been noted that the UAE’s office boredom levels are in per with Italy (where in 83% of the employees also find their jobs dull. This is due to the relative instability and uncertainty of the Italian economy since the 2008 crisis. It has also been stated that many locals are often content with having a job, but lack confidence to quit irrespective of the dull work condition.

The research also stated that the second-most boring country is the United States (which has 74 percent acknowledging they don’t feel excited about their jobs). Then followed by Singapore.

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