How Refugees Spent Their Eid

Have you ever wondered how refugees spend their Eid?

Have you ever thanked God for witnessing another Eid with your family?

If you haven’t, now is a good time to thank Him.

Most of the refugees around the world spend their Eid far away from home. Some are lucky enough to spend it with some of their families but far away while others spend it far away without any family member.

Let’s take Syria for example. They are at the sixth year of war and the death toll is between 300,000 to more than half a million. Also about 5 million Syrians fled the country seeking peace in other neighbouring countries. The Syrian Centre for Policy Research 2014 has also found out that 11.5% of Syria’s total population had been killed or injured.

Do you now have a clear picture on how most people in Syria spent their Eid?

Some of the refugee camps tried to maintain a celebratory atmosphere to observe Eid. Some of the refugees haven’t celebrated Eid since 2011 and most of them are in pain of having lost a friend/relative.

On an interview, an old man stood up and said “We haven’t so much as smelt Eid in the last 5 years”.

These are refugees from just one part of the world.

Think of refugees from; Greece and beyond

What can you do to help?

Donation- countries such as Greece, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey

Lobby local officials to open your country from them to resettle

Employ refugees who have resettled in your area

Looks for organisations working with refugees and give support.

Even the smallest of gestures could mean a lot to them.

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