Instilling the Love of the Ahlul Bayt in Your Children

The Ahlul Bayt refers to the family of the Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam).

  • In the period of conception, the mother is recommended to eat Halal food, being careful of what you see or hear, going to Majalis and listening to lectures, as well as listening to the Qur’an.
  • Teaching your child that the love of the Ahlul Bayt leads to Allah loving you, and develop love and emotional attachment for the Ahlul Bayt.
  • Make the benefits of the love for the Ahlul Bayt known to your child.
  • Make it known to them that we need the love of the Ahlul Bayt.
  • Show your encouragements and appreciation to certain halal and Islamic acts your kids might do, so as to make an example of those acts for the future. You should however note that encouragement should not be in the form of a bribe.
  • You should make sure to put into practice whatever you teach your child, and abstain from whatever you teach your child not to do. Parents are important teachers to their children.
  • As your child grows up, he/she desires to look for a role model in their life. You should utilize this opportunity and make it the Ahlul Bayt. One of the methods of the Qur’an for nurturing human beings is also by the use of good role models to guide a person to the right path.
  • Abstain from acts that might remove the love of the Ahlul Bayt in your children, and also encourage the acts that will instill the love of the Ahlul Bayt. You should create a meaningful and spiritual atmosphere for the child; systematically place them in an atmosphere that will attract the love of the Ahlul Bayt to them.
  • Familiarize your child with materials that are related to the Ahlul Bayt, such as articles, books, and poems. You can achieve this in various ways such as studying, writing articles, competitions, discussions, the exchange of opinions, etc.

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