MuslimInc marks the two year anniversary of the Chapel Hill Shootings

Two years ago, on February 11th to be exact, marked the anniversary of the Chapel Hill Shootings. This sad incident took place in the city of Chapel Hill, North Caroline and it resulted to a murder of 3 Muslims – Razan Abu-Salha, Yusor Abu-Salha and Deah Barakat. Razan was only 19 years old while Yusor was 21 and Deah 23. By that time, Deah was in the North Carolina State University attaining a degree in dentistry. Yousor (deah’s wife) was also due to join her husband at the University in the fall.

The death of these three winners touched the lives of many and most people felt that they were too young and had just begun their lives as adults. They were also known for their engagement in their local and international communities as volunteers as well as the way in which they gracefully harmonised their American and Islamic identities.

In 2014, more than 400 family members and friends joined to celebrate the wedding of Deah and Yusor and in February 2015 over 5000 people came to attend their funeral.

They were killed by their neighbour, Craig Hicks. Craig is a staunch atheist and had 13-strong collection of guns. He was also known to have regularly harassed Deah over parking disputes. Quite often, during disputes about parking with neighbours, he would be waving a gun to show the amount of power he holds. Also, on his Facebook wall, he would post statements of how much hate he feels towards other religion.

To some extent, Deah’s family believes that a motive for the shooting was as a result of his hatred for Islam. After the incident, the police claimed that the shooting was as a result of parking disputes,but there wasn’t any parking issues that happened on that very day.

Below is how the shooting occurred;

Craig called on Deah’s house and during which his wife- Yusor and her sister were eating. Then Craig immediately shoot Deah and Yusor and Razan. They were all killed in cold blood.


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