Lease space in post offices to private companies

Emirates Post Group (EPG) has just announced that it is continuing to lease space in post offices to private companies (which provides related and complementary product and services). This initiative was put in place to enable post offices to be a one-stop shop for a variety of public services.

Since in launch of this strategy (2012), quite a good number of companies (including travel agencies and business centres) have launched their operations from post offices.

EPG gave a statement today stating that more companies are also in the process of signing up for the rental spaces in post offices, including banks to enable Emirates Post customers to pay for their shipments as well as their surrounding community.

“Emirates Post seeks to widen the basket of services available to our customers by signing up with private companies. We are witnessing strong demand for the spaces in post offices. However, we are selective in deciding the type of businesses that would be allowed to operate from our premises. Each applicant is considered on a case-by-case basis,” stated Ebrahim Bin Karam (chief commercial officer at EPG).

Companies wishing to seek leasing spaces in post offices should contact the Commercial Department of Emirates Post Group.

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