Malaysia Sees Strong Economic Future with the UAE

As a result of the slowdown in the global economy and of course a fall in oil prices, the trade between UAE and Malaysia in 2014 fell significantly.

The bilateral trade figures was about $3.3 billion it then moved to $8 billion and after 2014, it dropped down to $6.14. This change was as a result of the economic slowdown around the world and a reduction in oil prices.

Dato Ahmed Anwar Adnan also reported that Malaysian export to UAE was calculated at $3.04 billion whilst import was about $3.59 billion.

Malaysia mainly exports jewelry, electrical and electronic products, machinery and cooling equipment to the UAE and imports petroleum products with crude oil being the main import item.

Last year, Malaysia has spent over $1.18 billion on importing petroleum products. $4oo million of the above listed amount was used to import crude oil.

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