Meet Ayesha Farooq; Pakistan’s only female fighter pilot

In the past, it is nearly impossible to find women within certain areas of the economy. Say for instance auto mechanics. The world is dynamic in nature which attracts changes to occur daily. Surprising developments (mostly about women) have occurred in recent years and it is now at its peak.

When we talk about Female Pilots in Pakistan, what do you have in mind?

We first think of the nature of Pakistan, wherein some girls were denied their right to education and the restrictions placed on them.

Ayesha was born on 24 August 1987 in Bahawalpur. She is currently the only female fighter pilot. This is a remarkable achievement and one factor that lead her to becoming one is her childhood. She had the passion and capabilities from a very young age. Her father died when she was three years old and she had to overcome challenges as she progressed in life.

“I was always the man of my family,” she said. “In my early childhood, I developed some protective skills toward my younger sister and my mother. I was a young soldier.”

When she is at work, she doesn’t feel different compared to her colleagues actually, fellow pilots treat her the same as others. Ayesha believes that “It’s not a job that people here associate with ladies, so as well as doing a job for my country, I’m changing the thoughts of people. It’s a big responsibility but one I enjoy.”

Two elements that helped her a lot during the training process was the psychological and physical training she worked out herself. Ayesha is ready to represent her country.

“When I get orders I will go and fight. I want to prove myself, to show that I’m doing something for my country.”

She is a great role model to the younger generation in Pakistan.

We wish her well and hope to write more about her!

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