Meet Hamdi Ulukaya- The Billionaire Entrepreneur who is sharing his wealth with his employees

Hamdi grew up in Erzincan, Turkey. He worked at his family dairy farm until he had the opportunity to travel to USA to study English. He enrolled at New York’s Adelphi University and right after graduation, he started to work at SUNY. He lived the American dream when he established Chobani. Chobani is known to be the best selling Greek yogurt company and its worth billions.

With the aim to bring entrepreneurial approaches and creative solutions to life, he signed a pledge (The Giving 2015). He is also the founder of Tent Foundation.

In the spring of 2005, Hamdi noticed a piece of junk mail advert (the factory) and decided to buy it. He financed the purchase with a loan from the small business administration and some local grants. He named the company Agro Farma and then hired a handful of employees.


His success came about the time when he noticed that American-style yogurt is too sugary, artificial and watery.

Recently, he announced that 10% of the company’s shares would be given to approximately 2000 employees.

This kind gesture touched the heart of all and made people not working with him wished their employers did the same. He believes that, this gesture will motivate employees more since the company is there to build their future.

Hamdi is also a devoted philanthropist and strongly believes in helping refuge and committed almost half of his wealth to help refugee.

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