Meet Mariam Al-Subaie, Muslim Female Entrepreneur Extraordinaire!

With her dream being to serve her country with knowledge and skills, Mariam Al- Subaie is a Saudi woman whose startup has repaired 49,000 electronics for female customers. She’s seen the need to establish her own business as a platform for helping women who feel hesitant to take their electronic devices for repair simply because they cherish their privacy.

Al- Subaie graduated from Arts School but had always been fascinated by the electronics. She drew her inspiration from the German inventor (Konrad Zuse) who invented the world’s first programmable computer in 1941. She mainly started her business to serve women in society which is situated in Riyadh. To her, it was important to flourish and grow without violating Saudi traditions and customs.

Since privacy is an important issue attracting a lot of discussions in the Saudi society, Al- Subaie has made it clear that the women of Riyadh do not have to compromise their privacy while engaging in any trade. There is a big opportunity in the market as women who seek to repair their electronics fear to take them to shops run by men because they don’t want to expose private documents and pictures of themselves and family members to such strangers. Technology being her passion, Al- Subaie receives 90 to 120 mobile phones or more every day. Her ability to repair laptops, other devices and not only mobile phones, is a surplus.

Having a very strong team with the same goal as her, Al- Subaie employs a squad of women technicians and electrical engineers. “My team is my backbone. We all have the same vision and we want to serve our country by doing what we love. I encourage other women to do the same in my city or other cities of the Kingdom. As women, we need to stand up on our own feet”, Mariam says.

Her startup is just one of the beginnings of her goals in life as Al- Subaie aspires to become an inspiration for all the women in her society and the world at large.

The “Female-Only Electronics Repair Business” is heading beyond the peak as so many have been inspired by this amazing reality. Interestingly, they get to perform their duties towards society as well as sticking to their customs and traditions.

Saudi Arabia is not exactly a beacon of female empowerment and has been criticized by the international community for not advancing women’s rights but we can see that the efforts of leading women like Al- Subaie is just what they need in order to get there. So if you really want to be a successful business owner, don’t just sit back there, turn your dream into a reality!

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