Ministry launches new domestic worker insurance plan

On Tuesday (3/01/2016) the Ministry of Interior launched a new initiative which is centered on an insurance rights document for domestic workers. This launch was done in a joint press conference by the ministry of Interior and AXA Green Crescent (the initiative’s strategic partner).

This comes at a time in whcih His Highness Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan announced 2017 as being the year of giving. It aims at supporting individuals and private sector companies that are sponsoring domestic workers which would help promote social responsibility as well as reform their roles in serving the country. This will be in line with the contribution to develop the country.

An official source in AXA Green Crescent said: “This document is completely different from the health insurance policy imposed by the residency laws and regulations for domestic workers and only covers matters not related to those covered by the health insurance, such as covering expenses of transporting bodies of deceased domestic workers or sponsored individuals to his or her home country or covering travel expenses of domestic workers who are not medically fit or those who do not fulfil medical tests prior to issuing of residency, or covering costs of domestic workers who flee or run away from their sponsors”.

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