Misconceptions about Muslim women wearing Hijab

For far too long, Muslim-hijab women have been the topic of discussion. These discussions raised up misconceptions. Which entails their inner lives, the way they should behave and so much more.

Below are some of the misconceptions.

#1. The choice to wear the hijab is the man’s decision

It is not written in the hadith nor the Quran that to wear hijab is the man’s decision. Hijab is a self-selected appearance. Wearing the hijab requires the proper knowledge and will-power to be able to continue it till the end of time. This major misconception has far long been in place thereby making men to feel superior that they have the power to choose if women can wear the hijab or not.

#2. Women who wear hijab are voiceless

Most times at public gatherings, we often hear questions such as; Where are your voices? Why are you not speaking up?

These are questions that are always thrown down to hijab-wearing Muslim women. Certainly, the hijab has nothing to do with a woman choosing to be quiet.

#3. All hijab-wearing women are religiously conservative

This is yet another major misconception; the belief that wearing the veil makes you more religious than other females who don’t. The fact is that wearing the veil is just an appearance, being religious has to do with your imaan (faith), deeds and way of life.

#4. Hijab prevents women from participating in sports

Hijab-wearing Muslim women have long been participating in sporting activities. However, their participation level fell as a result of the ban on the use of head scarfs during the Olympics. This misconception has led to a lot of Muslim women to not take part in sporting activities or exercise to stay fit.

Fortunately, we are seeing more and more hijab wearing women involve in sports, as you did during the last Olympics in Rio.

#5. Women who wear hijab can’t be feminist

This misconception came in place to put a stop to feminist. Hijab-women have opinions and they have the right to express it. A point to remember is that hijab feminist struggle to get their voices heard. This misconception only makes it worst.

#6. All hijab-wearing women are quiet and traditional

It is true that some women wearing hijab are shy and quiet. But have you ever heard of British journalist and political activist Yvonne Ridley? She is a hijab-wearing lady who is not afraid to challenge media stereotypes that tell her how to act. And that’s just one and a million examples.

#7. Hijab women can’t be stylish

Yes, it is true that Muslim-hijab’s should dress in a modest way but we should also note that modest and stylish are two words that may flow together. What am trying to say is that, you can be modest whist dressed in style.

I hope this article clears the misconceptions about Muslim-hijab women.

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