Muslim Heroes Who Will Touch Your Heart, Wait Till You See Why President Obama Invited Number 8 to the White House

Muslim Heroes who will touch your heart, Wait till you see why President Obama invited number 8 to the white house.  Please enjoy the list. We would love to hear the stories of more Muslim Heroes, if you know any, please use the comment box below to send it in, to be included here.

1. Seven-year-old boy empties piggy bank and donates money to vandalised mosque

“It’s 20 bucks, but coming from Jack collecting his pennies it’s worth 20 million bucks to me and to our community”.

Muslim heroes Jack Swanson who donated his savings

What the Mosque Did In Return Made me Proud To Be Muslim. You Must Read The Message on The Picture Below.

Muslim Hero Jack gets an ipad

WHATEVER you give or spend in the way of Allah will be returned to you in manifold increase. Allah, the most Bountiful and the most Loving, commends:

Lend unto God a goodly loan. Whatever good you shall forward on your behalf you shall find it with God, as better and richer in reward. [al-Muzzammil 73: 20.]

Never will you attain the highest degree of virtue unless you spend [freely] in the cause of Allah out of that which you love; and whatever you spend Allah surely knows it well. [Ali Imran 3: 93.]

Muslim hero Jack Swanson sets an example

2. What Islam says: “To save one life is like saving all mankind”. Ray Coe Saved The World.

There are times when “Donate Blood” drive takes place, how often do we even give something that makes more of itself back. Let us compare our giving with Ray Coe (a teacher who donated his kidney for her student). A true Hero, Just  imagine the kind of prayers he must be receiving from this little girl, her loved ones and the entire Ummah.

Muslim Hero teacher Ray Coe gives his kidney to save a life

Teacher saves the life of his student with his kidney

3. Muslim hero in Paris Who Saved Lives of Total Strangers

Safer, a bartender at the Casa Nostra restaurant, spoke to the BBC’s James Longman, and recounted how he pulled two injured women into the basement as gunfire continued on the street outside. Imagine in the heat of the battle and violence all around, he goes to rescue strangers.  When someone is in need of help, it’s your duty to act.  Paris was full of unsung heroes who helped total strangers and it didn’t matter what color, religion or background the people who needed helped were.  Humanity in us acts on it’s own Free Will.

Muslim Hero Safer helped saved two women

4. What Dan Holloway Tweeted Makes So Much Sense But That is Exactly What is Short in Supply

Muslim Hero Dan Holloway

5. Nasim Asgari a 17 year old poet and performer in Toronto Canada

Meet Nasim Asgari, poet and performer at this years Volume: Sisters Make Noise!

What a beautiful way to express yourself. Big Poet in making.
I’m a 17 year old who feels like i’ve gone through life 17 different times, but I still don’t know anything. I still laugh the same way I did when I was 5. I still wonder why unicorns aren’t around, and wonder why i’m still dreaming more than i’m taking action.

Muslim hero nasim Asgari

6. Super Heroes Outburst a Program of the Barbra Schlifer

Outburst! is a movement of young Muslim women and girls in Toronto who are building a better world together. We are a program of the Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic. Outburst! is an opportunity for us to build community and conspire about ways in which we, as Muslim young women and girls, define and access safety.

See What Outburst is all about

Muslim Heroes Outburst movement

7. Muslim Youth Canada Project. Everyone of these brothers, sisters and the supporters are Heroes. Thank you Dr. Lila Fahlman (C.M, PhD).

The “Muslim Youth Canada” or MY CANADA Project is an initiative of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW) financially supported by Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s Multiculturalism Program.  The story of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW) begins in 1982 when a group of dynamic and devoted Muslim women from across the country congregated in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Led by the late founder of CCMW, Dr. Lila Fahlman.

Dr. Lila Fahlman (C.M, PhD) In 2001, she made her mark on history by becoming the first Muslim woman to be awarded the Order of Canada for her service to the Muslim community, violence against women and inter-faith dialogue.

Muslim Hero Dr. Lila Fahlman awarded the Order of CanadaRead more about Dr. Lila Fahlman’s organization by clicking here

8.  Ahmed Mohamed Is the Muslim Hero America’s Been Waiting For, Who Was Arrested For Being Smart

Muslim Hero Ahmed Mohamed America has been waiting for

Muslim Hero Ahmed Mohamed America has been waiting for

I surprisingly woke up to #IStandWithAhmed being the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter. Typically hashtags with a Muslim name in it involve Islamophobes trying to demonize Muslims, but this was different. In fact, it’s nothing short of amazing.

People were standing up to anti-Muslim bigotry directed against a nerdy, 14-year-old high school student named Ahmed Mohamed. This backlash was in response to Mohamed being arrested for bringing a homemade electronic clock to school.

President Obama Invites Muslim Hero Ahmed Mohamed to Whitehouse

President Obama Invites Muslim Hero Ahmed Mohamed to White House

In Mohamed’s English class there was a sound of a beep. When teacher asked what was that sound, Mohamed proudly unveiled his homemade clock. The teacher’s response stunned Mohamed, she was like, “it looks like a bomb”.

Mohamed was summoned to the principal’s office where not one but five police officers were waiting for him.

When Mohamed asked to call his father, the police refused to let him, according to Salem. Instead they searched his backpack, confiscated his iPad and pressured him to write a statement, Salem said.

Mohamed, an American citizen, was aware of his rights and told the police he didn’t want to make any statement until his dad arrived. Salem said police continued to pressure Mohamed until he was fighting back tears. Finally, the family wrote a short statement for Mohamed:

“I built a clock. The police think it’s a bomb”.

A police spokesman said that Mohamed, “kept maintaining it was a clock, but there was no broader explanation”. What other explanation could there be if it wasn’t a bomb?!

Apparently, no one in Irving, Texas, can believe a Muslim doesn’t want to blow things up.

Read the full story here

9. Noor Inayat Khan Was Awarded George Cross As, As Well As The Croix de Guerre by France. She Was One of Only Three Women in the SOE to be Awarded the George Cross

Muslim Hero Noor Inayat Khan fights for UK and France

Muslim Hero Noor Inayat Khan fights for UK and France

One of the most fascinating stories is that of Noor Inayat Khan, a child psychologist and children’s book author who volunteered as a radio operator during the Second World War. Influenced by her Sufi Muslim background and her deep spirituality, Khan believed in offering her life for the greater good.

Khan was recruited into Churchill’s covert Special Operations Executive, a significant and extremely risky position at the time. She was parachuted into France in 1943 to help send messages from the French resistance to London.

While on the run, Khan, unaided, arranged the rescue of downed British and American pilots, and helped save countless Jewish lives. She was eventually caught by the Germans and executed a year later.

For her extraordinary bravery and sacrifice, Khan has received the highest honours for civilian service in war from both Britain and France.

Read more here and Here

10.  A Pakistani Commando Protects Sikhs in Pakistan.  Sikh’s Are Treated as Celebrities in Pakistan Because of The Close Ties They Share With Each-other.

Muslim Heroes Pakistani Commando protecting Sikh

Muslim Heroes : Pakistani Commando protecting Sikh

11. France Gives Muslim Hero Lassana Bathily from Mali a French Citizenship

Lassana Bathily delivers his speech during a citizenship ceremony in Paris, Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2015. Bathily, a Muslim employee born in Mali, has been granted French citizenship and honored as a hero by France’s authorities for saving lives during the attack of a kosher supermarket in Paris. (AP Photo/Christophe Ena)

Lassana Bathily delivers his speech during a citizenship ceremony in Paris, Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2015. Bathily, a Muslim employee born in Mali, has been granted French citizenship and honored as a hero by France’s authorities for saving lives during the attack of a kosher supermarket in Paris. (AP Photo/Christophe Ena)

Lassana Bathily is a 24-year-old Muslim shop assistant at the Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket in Porte de Vincennes, Paris. But as chaos and fear gripped the shop, Bathily reacted quickly to help keep people safe. According to French news outlets, he ushered several frightened customers into a cold storage room and closed the door, shielding them from the attacker.

“When they came running down I opened the door of the fridge,” he said, according to The Guardian. “Several came in with me. I turned off the light and the fridge. When I turned off the cold, I put them in. I closed the door. I told them to stay calm and I said ‘you stay quiet there, I’m going back out’”.

Bathily, who is originally from Mali, was reportedly marched into Tuesday’s ceremony alongside French Prime Minister Manuel Valls and Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, before French President François Hollande handed him a letter, a medal, and a book on French nationality. The gathering was convened in part to fast-track Bathily’s route to citizenship: the shop clerk has lived in France for about nine years.

After some kind words were said on his behalf, Bathily stepped up to the microphone. “People tell me I am a hero” he said. “I am not a hero. I am trying to stay myself”.

“I am very happy,” he added. “Long live liberty! Long live friendship! Long live solidarity! Long live France!”

Read the fully story here

Let us know if you know other Heroes who should be on this list. Don’t forget to Share: People need to know Ahmed Mohamed’s Clock, which made the beeping sound.

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  1. Jazab Idrees

    Abdul Sattar Edhi from Pakistan.
    Quoted from wikipedia:
    “Edhi Foundation runs the world’s largest ambulance service and operates free nursing homes, orphanages, clinics, women’s shelters, and rehab centres for drug addicts and mentally ill individuals.[15] It has run relief operations in Africa, Middle East, the Caucasus region, eastern Europe and US where it provided aid following the New Orleans hurricane of 2005. In November 2011, Edhi was recommended for a Nobel Peace prize by the Pakistani Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani.[16] Abdul Sattar Edhi suffered renal failure as announced on 26 June 2013 at SIUT and needs kidney donation”

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