Must Read: 5 Books That Will Transform Your Mindset about How to Expand Your Business

As near as I can tell, reading is a habit almost all successful entrepreneurs have in common. They are well aware of how much value a book can give, provided at cost way cheaper than that of a traditional education.

There are several books to choose from, ranging from business to politics just to help build your mindset, as it is a crucial part that affects or decision-making process. If you lack the appropriate mindset for a particular field in business, you’re most likely to encounter more obstacles along the way as they will stunt your business growth.

These following books not only have prodigious business strategies but also shed light on mental roadblocks and give you a solution to limit them.

#1. Adventures for Your Soul: 21 Ways to Transform Your Habits and Reach Your Full Potential.


Fist on the list is a great book by award-winning writer, Shannon Kaiser who did several projects with The Huffington Post, and Vogue. Shannon is a best-selling author and coach who assists business owners to enjoy their lives despite ups and downs. In this book, Shannon depicts the real life experiences of a person who managed to build a successful business from scratch.

In her new book, Adventures for Your Soul, she sheds light on the struggles of bad habits, emotional roadblocks, and self-limiting beliefs. The best-seller gives twenty-one groundbreaking ways to get to the bottom of whatever is holding you back.

#2. Joe Pardo’s 31 Life-Changing Concepts.


Join Joe Pardo, an author, podcaster, and motivational speaker, on a journey, to help you tackle the complex business concepts. He is also the founder of the Podcast Mid-Atlantic conference in New Jersey. The stories are very diverting and enforce the message of the book. As a kid, Joe was a devoted fan of Disney and wants to bring back innovative and excellent ideas in an implementable way.

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#3. Small Business Big Money Online.


Third on our list is a book from Alex Harris, an award-winning web designer who’s developed hundreds of websites and has performed over 1,000 AB tests. For over 15 years, Alex has been assisting entrepreneurs to figure out how to utilize their resources and succeed.

This book will give you a detailed insight as to how to determine who your customer is and the various ways to find or attract them. According to the book, the best ways to reach them based off of the data—not by making assumptions. The book also sheds light on how to develop and launch your own website.

The main message this book tries to give us is to change the way we think. We shouldn’t copy others. It also challenges us and clarifies how we to think for ourselves using statistics to help determine the strategy that’s more appropriate.

#4. The Eventual Millionaire: How Anyone Can Be an Entrepreneur and Successfully Grow Their Startup.


Jamy Tardy was a 24-year-old with over $70,000 in debt wand was far from becoming a millionaire. Now she’s managed to pay off the debt and runs a successful business she’s in love with. In this book, she explains how she was able to overcome such a predicament and turn the negative into positive.

Ms. Tardy has conducted hundreds of interviews with millionaires through her podcasts. In the book, she shares her encounters with over 100 millionaires, and on how they managed to reach such level of success.

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#5. The Successful Thinker.


The Successful Thinker is a book by Corey Jahnke, a Go-Giver Coach, author, speaker, and fire starter. Jahnke explains what it really take to become a successful leader and how to build a successful mindset. This book will definitely get you inspired as you’ll learn the ins and outs of the business world.

There are hundreds of books you’ll come across but these ones stand out. That’s just the beauty of reading. There are more books to explore especially if you are hoping to transition into a successful leader. Read these books during your free time and watch the magic unfold.