Nordstrom Rack discount retail stores to open in Calgary and Toronto

As part of its continuing expansion into Canada, Nordstrom Inc. announced plans Tuesday to open new locations of its discount Nordstrom Rack brand in Calgary and Vaughan, Ont., by spring 2018.

On Tuesday, Nordstorm Incc announced that it’ll open its new discounted Nordstorm brand in Calgary and Vaughan. All the requirements are being fulfilled and hopefully by 2018 everything will be set. This paves a way in which Canada can be able to expand and create growth.

Nordstrom Rack is part of the upscale department store’s off-price retail division, with products discounted by 30 per cent to 70 per cent off Nordstrom’s regular store prices.

Nordstorm is known to have a store with off price retail division which provides discounts between 30 to 70% and its rack is part of the upscale department.

The new 35,000-square-foot store would be located at the Vaughan Mills shopping centre about 30 kilometres north of Toronto, while the 30,500-square-foot Calgary site would be situated at the Deerfoot Meadows shopping centre 10 kilometres south of the downtown.

The new store in Toronto will be located 30 kilometres north (at the Vaughan Mills shopping centre) and the store will be 35,000 square foot. Also, the other store at Calgary will be located 10 kilometres south, downtown (Deerfoot Meadows) and the size of the store is 30,500 square foot.

The Seattle-based retail giant first announced plans to expand to Canada in 2012 and to date has opened three of its regular, full-line stores in Calgary, Ottawa and Vancouver.

The plans to expand to Canada was announced 4 years ago and the Seattle based retail brand has already opened three of its full line store. One in Calgary, the other at Ottawa and the third one at Vancouver.

Nordstrom plans to open two additional full-line stores in the Toronto area this year — one at the Eaton Centre on Sept. 16 and another at the Yorkdale Shopping Centre on Oct. 21 — with another full-line location to open at Sherway Gardens in fall 2017.

Nordstorm also plans to add another two full lines stores in Toronto by the end of the year and hopefully by 2017 a full line store will be opened at Sherway Gardens.

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