Procedures Of marriage In Islam

Marriage is a contract between two people; more of a mutual agreement between a man and a woman. In Islam, it is a religious duty as it is the only way to indulge intimacy between a man and a woman.

MarriageIslam has procedures for marriage.

Below are the procedures:

#1. Consent:


Consent is the first stage of the procedure of marriage. This means that both the woman and man will be in line with each other. A direct example of seeking consent can the derived from the Prophet’s marriage life. His first wife Kadijah, asked for his consent for marriage and he agreed.

#2. The Wali:


The word Wali comes from the Arabic world Al- Walayah, which means to take responsibility. Wali refers to guardian. In marriage, it is very important as it helps to know if the marriage that was performed is valid or invalid.

There are two types of wali:

– Wali Mujbir: This title is regarded as the perfect wali because he has full power to endorse the marriage on behalf of his nuclear family.

– Wali ikhtiar: This includes Wali Akrab and Aba’ad. They are wali in the absence of Wali Mujbir. They can serve as guardians to the woman.

To be a wali has terms and conditions. Below are few of the conditions.

  • Male
  • A Muslim
  • Has reached puberty and mature
  • Has no visual problems

To name a few.

#3. Two Witnesses:


Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said ‘There is no marriage without a ‘wali’ and trusted witnesses’.

Witnesses serve an important part in the procedures of marriage as their presence will reflect in the marriage contract. It has been said that the witnesses may be two males or woman, if and only if a second male is unavailable.

#4.  Dowry:



Dowry is given to the wife by the husband as a means to honor and symbolize a token of respect from her husband. Nowadays, dowry is mostly given in monetary means but it can also be given in the form of jewelry, home goods, furniture, land, etc.

There is no maximum limit for the size of the dowry and it is mostly paid to the bride’s family but in some cultures the bride pays the dowry.

Note that Islam accepts polygamy- a man is allowed to marry up to 4 wives provided he treats them equally.

Follow these procedures to make your marriage valid within Islam.

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